Exquisite Wall Tiles Collection for Glamorous Ambiences with Modern Details

Searching for ideas to design your bathroom and you’re looking for something unique and special to create elegant and beautiful spaces with personality?  Well, we found the newest wall tiles collection from Portuguese company Love Tiles, entitled “Parfum”, and we couldn’t help not sharing with you.

Inspired by the veins found in marble, the collection speaks about refined luxury and reinterpretation of emotions through seductive graphics designs combined with a palette of fashionable colors: lavender, blue and neutral hues. This amazing combination give the client the possibility to conceptualize dynamic spaces, where movement and diversity is desirable.

“Parfum” Collection embraces outstanding pieces in different formats, finishes and colors for individual expression to unfold. A range of six colors – Jasmin Blanc, Vanille, Cannelle, Ambre Gris, Lys Bleu and Lavande- awaken the senses and delivers emotions. Sleef and functional, “Parfum” presents a glamourous aesthetic  with contemporary details, whilst lending a sense of understated sophistication and polish to the bathroom.  These wall tiles are of high quality raw material and the collection is designed for indoor walls and / or in areas that are not directly exposed to the elements.

Photos © Love Tiles

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