Extravagant Mosaic Bathtubs with High Heel Shoe Shaped

Looking for a more special bathtub and are you willing to invest some money for it? Well, what you’ll see in the images below exceeds the imagination of many of us and maybe the budget too: extravagant mosaic bathtubs with high heel shoe shaped. Brilliant, sexy, simply divine, they are among the few things that define the shoe-shaped bathtub. From the very start when we see this gorgeous collection, we knew it’s about the Italian-based SICIS Art Mosaic Factory. They are known for their style and class and for exceptionally beautiful and innovative things they created. Named Audrey, this collection is characterized by elegance and femininity due to its forms and floral mosaic.



These luxurious models are not like regular baths, they are indeed works of art. Designed in an artistic way, the beautiful mosaic plates  which are available in an amazing variety of colors and designs, add a chic and glamour factor to the bath. The bathtubs are built so that users can sit very comfortably with the feet pointing back to the top of the shoe and heel.

The tap is located in the back of the shoe, the heel area, while discharge is placed on the top. Displaying a superior level of originality for a bathtub, the shape is perfect for users to stay very comfortable and enjoy a relaxing massage in the neck and shoulders. A luxurious piece of furniture that can be the perfect addition for a woman in love with shoes or for the style’s consciousness .






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