Creative Modern Design: Facebook Office in Palo Alto

Who doesn’t heard about Facebook? Since it’s the world’s largest social network, with over 500 million users, we know that  almost of you are already enjoy using it. But we’re not sure how many of you know about their offices and how they look like. We posted some time ago about Google offices designs and we found them really awesome places where many employees would like to work. So, we thought to make more articles on offices designs of the best known companies around the world and to show you through them at least a tiny part of what their names are associated with. Today’s office design that we want to share with you is the Facebook office design in Palo Alto designed in 2009 by San Francisco-based interior design firm which serves companies nationwide.

Ten different locations were moved into one central office, a  150,000-square-foot space at the Stanford Research Park, with the purpose to facilitate the communication without sacrificing the character of each department. This decision created over 700 new workspaces. The enough open floor space allowed for an expansive new design that recreates the feel of a Facebook page. Designed to display simple, clean lines, the two-story structure features numerous “neighborhoods” of formerly scattered departments which are defined by changes in color and spacing, but linked by overarching finishes and graphics that run throughout the building. Through this approach, they wanted to promote individual expression, but also unity. For this, they also encouraged employees to customize their spaces by adding artwork, write or move furniture as needed, as they do with their online Facebook pages. Their design’s architecture, similar with Google’s office designs, reflect their “outside of the box” thinking which has probably encouraged some of their many unique and innovative services and products. Elegant, but fun in the same time, the Facebook office attempts to stimulate innovation and ideas while maintaining a productive office environment. Absolutely no trace of standard office cubicles. What do you think about this Facebook office design?

Photos: Cesar Rubio and Jasper Sanidad.

Project details:

City: Palo Alto, CA
Year: 2009
Square Footage: 160,000
Team: Primo Orpilla, Verda Alexander, Clem Soga, Perry Stephney, Denise Cherry, Virginie Manichon, Kyung Chang, Kroeun Dav, Birgit Schweimanns, Stephen Gallardo
Services: Site Analysis, Programming, Conceptual Development, Interior Design, Workplace Strategy, Project Management, Furniture Coordination

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