Fantastic Cluj Arena Stadium in Romania

The second largest stadium in Romania with five-star facilities was opened on the 1st of October 2011. Cluj Arena Stadium is 100%  Romanian project provided by the architects and engineers from DICO and TIGANAS, Bogart, DAS Engineering, UTCN and others.  More than a stadium, this great project it’s a city landmark, an icon of present times.

The new Cluj’ stadium is probably the first in the list of the most beautiful architectural large objects  in Romania. Volume exploring  from the distance and nearby produce architectural delights with each new insight. Thus gradually discovers new sources of stadium’ beauty and how competent and attentive way  in which it is related to the environment. The new stadium was built according to the latest European norms, the Elite and UEFA standards,  and has more than 30,000 seats. It was built on the site of the old stadium, Ion Moina Stadium, on west of the Central Park and next to the Somesul Mic river. Construction works started in 2009 and were handled by an 8-company consortium which won the tender organized by Cluj County Council. The stadium had a cost of 35 mil. euro, the funds coming from the Cluj County Council and the Romanian government.

Unlike Bucharest’s National Arena, Cluj’s new stadium has an athletics track so it can host international athletics competitions. The seats are grey coloured, with different nuances depending on their position. The sports complex also includes a 25 stories office building next to the stadium and a multipurpose hall of about 7.000 seats. Dynamic coating system stands – four coatings concave, curved, symmetrical two by two, differing in height and rotated to the Annexes of the playing is enough to generate a spectacular volume. For the comfort, entertainment and security of the spectators, there were implemented high technology solutions: outdoor and indoor sound systems, fire prevention and alarming systems, carbon monoxide detection systems, sound and simultaneous translation systems for the conference room, vehicles access control, spectators access control, ticketing system.


Project  details:

Architecture: DICO and TIGANAS, Levente Kornis, Cristian Urcan, Ciprian Onetiu.
Projection: Cluj Napoca Technic University, BOGART Construct, Das Engineering, Grup 4 Instalatii, Paul Gillieron Acoustics.
Execution: ACI CLUJ, CON-A, Transilvania Constructii.
Location: Cluj Napoca, Romania.
Projection period: 2008-2011.
Execution period: 2009-2011.
Costs: 35 mil. euro.



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