Fantastically Modern Patio Heater for Outdoor Areas

The Bella from Kindle Living is a fantastically modern patio heater that transform instantly the area where it’s put. It’s presence creates a special atmosphere, being an extraordinary accessory for outdoor areas such as gardens, terraces, hotels receptions, restaurants, backyard patios, decks, hotel pools and so on. With an award-winning concept and patent pending, Bella Kindle Heater is executed in a way that you’ve never imagined, combining innovative design with great performances. Even assuming that it hasn’t other spectacular features, only the fact that has an elegant sculptural appearance with gentle curves, clean lines and considerable proportions makes you love it from the very first time and makes you imagine all sort of places where fits better. But the truth is that this heater is an unique product that leave far behind other products with similar purpose and has indeed amazing features.


Handcrafted in Southern California, USA, with recyclable and recycled materials, it has LED lights which creates a warm, soft and wondrously moody atmosphere. Instead of the heat dissipating as it rises, the shade directs it downward, using in a chimney-like effect, enveloping the user in consistent warmth that is softer, more pleasant, than with a stand-alone unit. The rechargeable battery-powered feature works independently of the heating element, so the Kindle can get its glow on all year long. The kit includes a remote that controls color, cycle speed and brightness.

Besides these standard finishes, Bella Kindle Heater has 7 add-ons that turns it really into the perfect atmosphere enhancer that we’ve ever seen: white LED lights and other seven different colored lights, each one more brilliant than the next which can be programed to cycle through the entire rainbow or paused on your favorite; Sandstone finish for the body with contrasting Pleated or Smooth shade and accent ring in White Alabaster or Black Onyx; a clever cocktail table which can be fitted easily over the neck and it’s perfect to hold a glass of sangria and a muy rico plate of tapas; accent rings for a decorative pop to an existing design scheme; and last but not least pleated shade designed for consistent heat and uniform distribution which means cozy goodness exactly where you expect it. A very important aspects is that it’s great design doesn’t compromise function performances. This products is also available in a smaller size.

Photos: © Kindle Living.

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