Fashionable Cubed Bed by Francesca Paduano for Bolzan Letti

Designer Francesca Paduano envisioned for Bolzan Letti one of the most interesting and attractive bed we’ve ever seen. Cubed Bed, as it’s named, is among the most recent products of Italian manufacturer and draws attention immediately thanks to its innovative and dynamic design featuring a game of highs and lows as they were the keys of a piano or the volume leveling. Born by extruding along a cubic curve, polyurethane foam modules with different sizes were assembled to give shape to this appealing and youthful bed design.

Striking simplicity, clear lines, a catchy blend of colors, Cubed Bed looks original and is a great addition for modern minimalist bedrooms. The feeling of the game is amplified when one bed has modules in distinct colors like in the first photo below, obtaining a pleasing, creative optical effect for the viewer. Each module of this furniture piece is made of polyurethane foam and the coating is provided in alcantara or leather.

Photos © Bolzan Letti


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