Fashionable Renovation of the XXI Century: 5 Interior Design Trends

It’s no secret that there is now a boom in home renovations and remodeling. People are getting ready for fall, they want to dramatically change everything after fall – hairstyles, hobbies (so check this Bitcoin casino for intriguing games), as well as redo their nest. Let’s take a broader look at this topic, paying attention to trends for homes of all sizes. 

Velvet, animal prints, floral patterns, retro, elegant shades… This season will please the fanciest of aesthetes! Choose the trend that will accentuate your inner world.

Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

1. The Most Popular Prints: Go Back in Time 

Remember the grandmother’s wallpaper in floral, soft upholstery of the front door in rhombuses? And the zebra and leopard print fabrics? Forgotten trends from the ’70s, ’80s, and ’90s, reinterpreted and updated by designers, are back and cleverly fit into current fashionable interiors without spoiling them in the slightest.

Floral prints became less obtrusive and more elegant, geometric shapes – more strict, complex and volume, and animalistic prints – stressed less realistic, so that no one sneaks a suspicion that the floor is a real animal skin because we live in a modern world and we learn to recreate the beauty of nature without harming animals. 

2. Fashionable Shades 

Good news for those whose tastes did not coincide with the fashion trends. All shades are popular now, from dark Scandinavian landscapes to gentle tones of dawn haze.  Muted, unobtrusive shades that are comfortable and pleasing to the eye came into fashion.  

Interiors in dark colors reminiscent of the Scandinavian style, brutal rough lines reinforce the similarity to the harsh rocky landscapes, but the light floor and skillfully chosen accessories of natural materials make the room paradoxically cozy, contrary to the original effect of gloom. 

Photo by Collov Home Design on Unsplash

In contrast to the dark Scandinavian theme, designers suggest paying attention to soft smoky shades of pink and green.

These colors are ideal for the interior of the bedroom, living room, kitchen, they visually increase the space, like all light colors, go well with wood, metal, and fabrics of almost any color, so that you do not have to radically change all the furniture in the room under the new wall color. 

3. Trendy Accessories: Play With Textures

Add more varied textural accents to the interior without overpowering it with color. Accessories that can help to set accents in the interior and greatly enrich it, do not always have to contrast in color with the furniture and walls.

This season, designers suggest choosing accessories as close in color as possible to the surrounding interior and create contrast through textures: add wax candles, glass vase, clay pot with a plant, stone scattering, linen napkin, wooden basket – anything that will fill the space with a harmonious combination of similar shades while not overloading it.

Photo by tu tu on Unsplash

4. Upholstered Furniture: Good Old Velvet Is Back in Play

Pay attention to another textural trend this year – velvet. You probably still have some rarity velvet pants in your closets, and you remember how soft and pleasant to the touch they are.

And now imagine a couch with velvet upholstery and pillows with velvet pillowcases. Tempting, right? And don’t worry about maintenance, modern fabric treatments with anti-static and water repellent effects will protect the material from dust and dirt and make cleaning easier. 

Photo by Dane Deaner on Unsplash

5. Closer to Nature: Creating a Terrace Effect

Outdoor summer terraces cheer you up just by looking at them. For those who can only dream of being in touch with nature and having breakfast in the shade of tree branches swaying in the wind, designers suggest creating a glazed summer terrace effect in the dining room or kitchen by removing curtains and placing a table near the window.

For maximum similarity, choose light colors for furniture and walls. Don’t forget to open the window wide before you sit down at the table. Well, for those who crave a touch of retro, we recommend exploring design ideas for the kitchen in the “Provence” style.

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