Few Door Materials That Add Security with Style

Even the best of the home designs would sometimes lack on minute details that make a major difference to the overall appearance of the space. Amongst the most neglected things in the home design are doors and windows. The doors are either standardized all over the house or may be used as per the size of the openings, however there is much more to door design that needs your attention.

Before you take a brief tour into various door styles, here are some of the important door materials that may make the selection easier.

Function and Utility

Doors are added to the rooms for privacy and to the entry for security. Depending on where the door is going to be fitted, one should decide the material of the door. The internal doors in the home can be stylish and elegant, while the front door should be both stylish and strong.

Material choices for front door

  1. Wood – Wood is the popular material used for furniture and doors. It is one of the most common choices for front door designs due to its durability, strength, and grace. Wood can be carved in different designs to get the unique look and feel. This is low cost option but at the same time it may not withstand the weather effects. You may love to flaunt wooden front doors due to the grace it would bring, but at the same time it would call for fair amount of maintenance as it may not withstand moisture much. Too much of wetness may make your wooden door swell, chip, or get deformed, whereas too much of sun would also develop cracks in your wooden door. So, ensure that you incorporate proper maintenance measures if using wood for the front door.
  2. Aluminum – Aluminum is low on maintenance and hence perfect choice for front doors. It may withstand moisture and sun efficiently. Use of aluminum and glass would allow you to enjoy the view of the surroundings without compromising the security. These doors are made to withstand even the most extreme weather conditions.
  3. Fiberglass – Fiberglass can be molded in desired style just like other conventional materials. The main advantage of this material is its longer life and low maintenance. This material can also be given the wood like finish to get the similar grace without undergoing the weathering just like wood.

What to expect from the exterior doors?

Security is surely the prime concern for exterior doors, however there are many other factors that together work towards getting a perfect door design.

Front doors can add both security and grace to your home, so make the right choices!

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