Finest Kitchen Worktops and Their Best Usage

Kitchen, being counted in one of the most used parts of a house, needs to be designed in a way that it becomes valuable both in terms of usage and looks. Though owners make extensive research for giving a new look, but one of the simplest ways is to choose the various types of kitchen worktops. These are being designed in a way that making usage of such furniture can itself make your kitchen look stunning.

Practical Usage of Kitchen Worktops:

Before you start searching or purchase, there are various things that need to be considered. Think about the practicalities like worktop maintenance and your work process. If you have a kid, then materials that can easily get scratch marks is never a beneficial choice.

Kitchen means you need to cook, that in turn means the materials needs to be heat resistant. For such purpose, granite worktops make a valuable choice as they allow moving the hot pans.

If hygiene is the priority, better decision lies in thinking about a material that is anti-bacterial in nature like stainless steel or Corian. But you need to note that it might scratch with regular usage and therefore working carefully is a necessity.


Look: The number of designs and colours of the kitchen tops available are numerous, but from them blue and dark grey colour suits the best for contemporary and modern kitchens. In case the rooms are of traditional design, better make usage of neutrals like cream.

Usage: Since they come in elegant designs and are undoubtedly very beautiful, they give owners the freedom to use anywhere, even around the sink and next to cooker tops.

Durability: These materials are extremely tough than any other natural stones, they offer an outstanding durability. As the colour is painted well throughout the material equally, scratches are easily visible.

Fitting & flexibility: These types of worksurface can be moulded into shapes without the need of joints. Sealing is not required for these materials.


Look: These are best suited for the kitchen purpose and blends with any style. Incorporation of stainless steel or glass offers a warm feel and makes them look more like contemporary designs.

Usage: Apart from making usage in a kitchen, they are also apt for dining areas. Teak and Iroko becomes an ideal choice for the purpose of making usage around the sink as oil content is very high.

Durability: Sealing is necessary for these materials. When properly sealed they last for a longer period of time. But not using these tops as a chopping board is highly recommended to make it durable.

Fitting & flexibility: Since they are easy to cut, they find usage in almost everywhere and in any situations.


Look: It is one of such materials, that is being used since ages and it is still counted as the most used one. Regardless of your kitchen has a traditional look or modern, they suit any styles.

Usage: They are mostly suitable for the kitchen areas, from sink areas to next to the oven. They are mostly available in a glossy design that gives it a stunning look and makes it perfect for usage.

Durability: This is one of the best materials that can be used for kitchen purpose. They are water resistant, impervious to stains and withstand high temperature.

Fitting & flexibility: With the advanced technology, cutting granite into variable shapes and sizes are no more difficult. They are flexible to use anywhere in the kitchen area and easy fitting makes them perfect.

In recent times, these tops are being made and designed by many materials such as wood, glass, granite, composite stone, laminate, stainless steel and much more. Utilizing these materials has a set of advantages and this is the reason why considering the above aspects become beneficial.

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