First Apartment Decor Ideas Worth Experimenting With

Are you shifting to your very first apartment soon? Getting ice-cold feet? Well, most first-time apartment owners get jittery when they make a transition from a dorm to their own apartment. It’s quite but natural to feel so as there is a multitude of things to consider, right from choosing the paint of your walls, selecting a color palette for your living room, choosing the perfect furniture and so on.

Here are a few cool tips for the first time apartment dwellers that will help them sort out many of their worries regarding decorating the interiors. Do take a look and get inspired!

  1. Play around with colors

Choosing a color palette paves way for lending a feel of comfort and visual joy. It depends on you as to what color you want to see on your walls, furniture and flooring. However, in our opinion, it’s better to stick around with two primary colours, and then add splashes of colour pops here and there.

If you are someone that lives life like a Bohemian, bright shades of orange, red and green will play perfectly. But, for someone simple, a neutral colour palette will do the trick.

  1. Experiment with artificial plants and flowers

Be it real or fake, plants always add a natural touch to any décor. Though some people may find using artificial flowers a bit too down the standard, we are of the opinion that fake greenery jazzes up the bland spaces in an instant, and that too, without pinching your pockets.

Those of you who are moving, or have already moved into their first apartments can save a whole lot of money by investing in classy looking fake foliage. The trick, however, is to use them artistically and cleverly in and around vacant spots like corner tables, coffee tables, walls and dining tables.

Choose silk flower arrangements in classic tones of gold, red and beige to spruce up the corner table of your living room., Or else, arrange silk flowers on a table vignette that speaks volumes about your personal style and taste. Such a vignette can be placed on your living room’s coffee table.

  1. Select the perfect paint for your walls

Painting walls perhaps take a chunk of your time when you move into your apartment for the very first time. It doesn’t matter if the apartment is old or new, perfectly painted walls mirror the essence of its inhabitants. If the paint shade chosen is tacky, then, the whole decor will not look pleasing even if you have spent a fortune on decorating it with expensive accessories and fittings.

It’s better to paint the whole apartment with a fresh coat before you move in. This will save you all the trouble of running around to cover your furniture with ugly looking plastic covers, which we know is a huge turn off!

Select such a palette that will look consistent all throughout the apartment, like, if you go with beige, cream and grey, stick to these shades, but have the freedom to employ patterns anywhere.

  1. Don’t hesitate in investing in a comfy bed along with the mattress

If a kitchen is the hearth of a home, then a bedroom is definitely ‘the place’ for unwinding and relaxing. Hence, it is vital that you buy yourself a comfortable bed along with a proper mattress, pillows and linen. Instead of saving money by buying cheap linen that will wear out soon, it’s better to buy good quality linen, even if it is expensive.

Search online stores that offer crazy deals, especially during festive seasons like Christmas and New Year. Choosing a bed is of primary importance and must feature in your ‘bucket list of things to buy before moving in’. However, it’s best to stick to the basic designs when going bed shopping.

  1. Light up the interiors

What’s the first thing you notice when you enter someone’s house? Is it the expensive furniture, or the walls, or the cutlery that attracts your attention? Well, its none of these actually! In fact, most people notice how well lit up a house is when they first set their feet inside.

Yes, lighting is one of the most important aspects when you are moving in for the first time. A home without proper lighting or fixtures is destined to look dull and beyond doubt-shabby. Do you want your apartment to look bland? Well, then, invest in some stylish looking chandeliers, pendant lights or ceiling light fixtures after you have selected your furniture and bed.

  1. Buy a comfy sofa

When you move in, you do need a space to crash out. And this space is usually your sofa. Therefore, it’s in your best interests to invest in a comfy and durable sofa that is neither too cheap or expensive. Take the middle path in buying a chunky sofa that will offer you good rest in all types of seasons. Also, you can try a sofa cum bed or a futon if your apartment is small.

  1. Go artsy on your walls

First-time apartment owners have the right to indulge themselves in classy art after living years in cramped up rentals or dorms! That is why we suggest you deck up your vacant walls with stylish arts that will become the focal points of your home.

Art need not be expensive when you have the hawk’s eyes. You can visit curio or thrift stores to get your hands on reasonably priced art items. It’s better if you can craft your own ideas and put them up on the walls for everyone to see and admire!

  1. Make a statement with stylish rugs

Rugs and carpets add character to a home’s decor. And this is why its vital that you, too, invest in a few. Rugs with zigzag patterns or Ikkat work are very much in vogue these days, and, will definitely fire up your interiors instantly.

Pick a few differently designed rugs for different spaces of your apartment. Lay them at various spots to demarcate each area. If you are looking for an affordable area rug, choose something that’s made out of natural fiber.


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