Flatbed Trailers For Equipment Transportation

There are times when we want to transport goods from one location to another. When we do, we most often have to rent a trailer of some sorts. The trailer will allow us to transport larger items from location to location. There are many types of trailers we might rent to satisfy our needs. Read on to find out what a flatbed trailer is, why and when we would want to rent one, and ways to rent one.

Car tire secured with belt for safety on flatbed tow truck

What is a flatbed trailer?

A flatbed trailer is a specially designed trailer used to transport goods that are too large to fit inside a covered trailer. These goods cannot typically be loaded onto the trailer from a regular shipping dock. They are loaded onto the flatbed via a crane. The flatbed allows the crane to load from any direction.

What are the benefits of flatbed shipping?

What are some questions people have about flatbed shipping?

What are the dimensions of a flatbed truck? Typically a legal flatbed will be no more than 48 foot long, and 8.5 feet wide. The deck length on a flatbed will vary depending on the type of flatbed it is. Shippers must be aware of the maximum height and width allowed on the road when they are loading the flatbed truck.

What are the types of flatbed trailers? There are 3 main types of flatbed trailers. These include step decks, double drops, and removable goosenecks (RGNs).

Do all shipments require a tarp? If you need a flatbed truck, it is important to remember to get one that is properly equipped. Not all shipments will require the use of a tarp.

How do products get loaded and unloaded from a flatbed truck? How a flatbed is loaded will depend on the cargo to be loaded. It will also depend on the shipping dock and the equipment used at the shipping dock. If your shipment requires the use of a crane to load, you will want to make sure the shipping dock will have one available when your truck arrives.

Do you need any additional equipment when shipping via a flatbed? Sometimes, the use of chains and corner protectors will be needed. You should inform the shipping yard of this when booking your truck. That way the yard will have everything you need available to you.

How do I rent a flatbed truck?

To rent flatbed trailer near you in Baltimore, you will need to conduct an internet search. There are many flatbed service providers near you. When looking to rent a truck to service your needs, it will be best to perform the internet search.

What are some flatbed shipping tips?

You should know about your freight- Some things to be knowledgeable about with your freight are the dimensions, goods being shipped, their value, and weight. It might be a physical task to load or unload the freight on your truck. It is especially true if the goods you are shipping are uniquely shaped or heavy. It is crucial to know about your freight if you fear it is going to push the weight, height, or length limits.

Understand these trailers- You should know about flatbed trailers before you book your shipment. Getting to know about these trucks will help you to make the most cost-efficient decisions when it comes to shipping your cargo. Some types of trailers might be difficult to find. An example of these types of trailers include extended trailers. If you need an extended trailer, let the shipping yard know before you book. Then they will be prepared for your needs.

Only work with a professional- You should think about working with a shipping yard that can help you most with your needs. Doing so will help ensure your shipment gets where it needs to and on time.

When you are in need of a flatbed truck to hall your cargo, you should book the truck as early as possible.

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