Flexible Pendant Light Showcasing Industrial Appeal

Latitude is the latest project of Perth-based lighting designer Flynn Talbot, who creates intimate art pieces that enable viewers to feel transported while experiencing a sense of connectedness. A unique lighting piece that fuses industrial aesthetics with eye-catching detailing, flexible enough to activate room’s ambient, can become your favourite if you give it a chance. The lamp’s design speaks about interaction and the light impact on the surrounding space.

This new pendant is a brilliant idea, allowing users to interact with it and change the light position according to their needs. Looking like a cage lamp, Latitude features an aluminium cone with a compact fluorescent and LED light source, surrounded by a circular cage of powder-coated steel.

The flexibility of the attractive design comes from the fact that the suspension cable can be mounted anywhere on the  steel structure, so users can obtain indirect uplighting, downlighting, spotlighting – any angle being possible. Practical and also pretty stylish, this interactive lamp is designed and manufactured in Western Australia by Talbot, being available in white, grey or teal. Latitude Mini will be soon available, so stay tuned!

Photos © Flynn Talbot

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