Focus Features: Finding Space for a Statement Piece

If you’ve been considering adding a focus feature to your home, there are a few design questions you should ask yourself. Features can vary from accent walls to sculptures to fountains, and the best option is the one that fits your home’s design aesthetic. It’s important to consider the overall plan for the space and choose something that suits the other design elements of the room. No matter what you’re considering adding, read on to discover easy ways to find a feature that will fit right in to your home.

Accent Walls and Decals

If you’re looking to repaint, adding an accent wall or wall decal is an easy way to brighten up a boring space and take the art and furniture in a room to the next level. It doesn’t need to be bright red to be effective, it only needs to offset the color palette of the room enough to create an interesting contrast. This can be an off white wall in a room of color, or a darker shade of the room’s color on a back wall to give the illusion of space. Wall decals and painted patterns are also a great way to give character to a blank wall. Images of birds and plants can be an interesting feature in an urban space, of to the opposite effect, brick details can create structure in a more whimsical space.

Fountains and Water Features

A fountain is a deceptively simple way to add elegance and motion to a room in a way that’s noticeable but not distracting. The sound of running water can be a great addition to a home office to help with concentration, or to a yoga or meditation space for a sense of calm. Fountains can be freestanding or wall mounted, and depending on the size and nature of the room, either could be the right choice. Look at what open space you want to fill, and there’s almost certainly a fountain to suit your taste and design needs.

Sculptures and Standing Art

Sculptures are a fantastic way to break up a broad space and give dimension to simple open areas. They’re a better option for homes without little kids running around, but can be more kid friendly, especially if they’re not sharp metal or hard stone. If you’re considering adding a sculpture to your home, make sure you find one that’s the right height so as not to make ceilings look lower. To get the most out of a focus feature, it’s also a good idea not to simply drop it in the middle of the room, but to place it strategically in a spot that’s hard to miss, but that can still easily blend into a design landscape.

No matter what you’re considering as a focus feature, with a bit of creativity and good judgment, there’s plenty of success to be had. Take an honest look at your space, needs, and means, and do some research to find out what best suits your situation. A little change can go a long way!


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