Furniture Designs Playing With Perceptions by Alessandra Baldereschi

Alessandrabaldereschi Design Studio presented at Salone del mobile 2013 a highly creative furniture collection which has a simple and original, yet very intriguing appearance. The innovation of the new POPPINS collection designed by Italian designer Alessandra Baldereschi consists in the use of the upholstery in various colors and geometric shapes, which create a cool optical illusion and an interesting 3D feel. Inspired by the Optical Art method, she pushed the boundaries and designed a cheerful, modern collection that ranks high in originality.

What initially appears to be with six colorful benches with many different pillows laid on them, there are in facts benches with beautiful relief decorations in the form of pillows. Five types of cushions of varied slightly deformed shapes and colors emerge from the surface of the benches developing  color landscapes. The padding is broken down and place only when necessary,  increasing the seat comfort, and in the same time the aesthetic value of the furniture pieces.

In this way, they become integral part of the benches’ structure showcasing  the relationship between the upholstery and decoration. The unique style of the design is therefore highlighted through the dynamic effect and the accentuated vibration of colors given by this three-dimensionallity. Surprising and amazing result, isn’t it? Take a look!


Photos © Alessandra Baldereschi


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