Furniture with Unique Silhouette -IS Sofa by Inoda and Sveje

Considering simplicity a very high value, Milan-based Inoda+Sveje designs original looking furniture that creates an experience for their clients and makes a strong statement through material and shape. IS Sofa striking design is meant to trigger your surprise and adorn your home with a high level of dynamics and authenticity. Simple in all aspects yet remarkable, this creation showcases a unique silhouette very pleasing to the eye shaped by uninterrupted, graceful lines and contrasting materials.

CNC cut wooden armrests, that fit in with the legs, integrate seamlessly into the sofa design, this subtle shift from a soft material to a hard one having a modern androgynous appeal, while the padded cushion for both backrest and seat is an invitation to comfort and relaxation. IS Sofa is an indoor furniture piece of strong personality and great quality which looks awesome in contemporary interiors and will surely draw the attention of  your guests. Very creative design, don’t you think?

 Photos © Inoda+Sveje Design Studio

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