Garage Storage Racks Ideas for Small Space

Garage ceiling storage ideas can significantly improve the shortage of space within small spaces.  When it comes to garage storage, not one solution fit approach can be used.

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Each space is different from another, and that is why customized solutions are used for every space. When you are working with small spaces, it is important to consider the wall spaces as well as the floor space. If the garage space is small, most of the floor space will be used by your car, and this is when overhead space or wall space will be utilized. 

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Wire Shelving 

Wall store in terms of wire shelving is critical. You can also use cane baskets or cloth baskets, but you will not be able to see through them. Wire baskets will ensure that you can see what’s  inside each basket even when you are standing on the ground.

Plywood Racks 

Three quarter-inch plywood plank can be mounted one over the top to make racks. These racks can be used to place small planters that are lying empty in the garage or any tools that you need a place for.

Corner Shelving 

The corner space in the garage is the space that is usually wasted and is not paid enough attention to. This space might not be too large to do a lot with it, but it can be utilized to place small racks and house small items like paint bottles, glue bottles, etc.

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Monkey Bar Wall Unit 

The monkey bar wall unit is made up of engineered steel which adds to its durability. These can be installed to add above the floor storage in your garage. These can be customized according to your needs in the garage. You can use this system to put up your gardening tools or any tools that usually lie around your garage floor. 

Gladiator Heavy-duty Rack 

Other than tools, you might also have equipment in your garage that you need to store away. Many people use their garage as a workout space, and they need a sturdy rack system that can house all their weights and equipment. These racks are so well built that they can even be used to store concrete slabs that may be needed around the house or are being used for construction purposes. 

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Sports Racks 

You might have someone in your house who is interested in sports, which means that there will be sports equipment around the house. Use your garage to store away all the sports equipment. These racks can be in the form of small cubicles, which each houses a different kind of sports gear. 

Recycling Bin Rack 

You do not even need to buy new things to add to your garage storage rack. Install a few wooden planks on the wall and then attach the bins to them. These bins are easy to install and can be used for several storage options. 

 Garage storage racks ideas are game-changers if you have a small garage. The floor space is not the only place where  you can place your things, rather use the ceiling as well as the walls to your benefit.

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