Getting Your CSCS Card

If you work in the construction industry, you will be aware of the need to have a Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) card.

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Having this card is a necessity for your continued employment in the construction industry, so it is important that you choose the correct study aids to ensure your success in the CSCS examination. 

If you are looking for study materials to help you succeed in the CSCS examination, you need to ensure that the materials you are viewing are correct. We have some tips below for finding the right materials to help you to get your CSCS card.

What is a CSCS Card?

The CSCS card has been used in the construction industry since 1997, and the aim of the card is to ensure that construction staff have the right skills to do their job. The CSCS card proves that anyone who holds the card is competent in their job. The card is only given after the individual passes an exam.

The card also helps to reassure employers within the construction industry that their employees are aware of and practice all appropriate health and safety legislation. The card also enters the individual onto the national skilled workers’ database, so employers have access to this resource also to check their employee’s information.

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Process of Obtaining a CSCS Card

A CSCS card is not a legal requirement to work on a construction site, and on smaller projects and sites, it may not be discussed or even preferred. However, increasingly, large-scale projects or larger employers are looking for this card when considering employees. While the employer cannot demand that you have a CSCS card in order to work for them, if there was a choice between two similar candidates and one has the card, the person with the card will be more likely to get the job. 

If you do decide to apply for a CSCS card, you will need to ensure you have the correct qualifications to apply. You can find the course and entry requirements online to help you to decide if this is the best thing for you to do. If you do not have the relevant qualifications, there is information available about the alternatives you can use or the entry-level studying that you will need to do. 

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You will need to ensure that you complete and pass the CITB Health, Safety, and Environment test (known as the CSCS test) in order to receive your card. We highly recommend that you take a CSCS practice test before completing the full exam to ensure you are ready to sit the exam. 

After you have passed the test, you can apply to the CITB for the card. You will need to send them evidence of your qualifications and proof of passing the Health, Safety, and Environment test within the 2 years prior to your application. 

You should note that there is a cost for completing the exam and a further cost to purchase the card once you have passed. 

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