Green Renovation Tips to Help Update Your Dwelling

Comfort is a basic principle when it comes to updating your dwelling. However, today’s homeowner thinks about more about the home’s sustainability and environmentally savviness. The following tips will help you update your home with a greener approach.

Re-evaluate Your Space

Updating your home goes beyond a fresh coat of paint and sanding wood floors. It can also mean tailoring it to the way in which you live. Instead of using home renovation loans without a lot of thought or consideration, you want to make your plan work for you. You also want to consider the amount of space that it’s going to take to get the job done. Take a peak around your dwelling to see if you can borrow from a storage closet. If you can’t, you may be better suited for a smaller home addition rather than a larger project.

Remodeling can be extremely stressful, so you want to put the plan into writing first. Hiring a professional to help you tackle the job can lessen the anxiety. It can also help in the planning stages when it’s time to measure and evaluate. If you’re looking to make the project environmentally-friendly, you want to use someone who has experience with this method of construction, as they’ll know where to get the materials and how to make it work. They may also have sustainable suggestions that can put your home to better use in the future and lower your costs on utility bills.

Energy Audit

You’ll find an assortment of options when you’re looking to make your home more energy efficient and green such as water filters, appliances, toilets and shower heads. If you’re at the beginning stages of a renovation project, you also want to submit to an energy audit. This can help you determine some of the most cost-efficient methods to make your home eco-friendly. The audit can also help you see where you need to be the most environmentally savvy in terms of cutting costs and sustainable living. When you take into consideration the energy audit, you can make your dwelling a lot easier to keep up and lessen your carbon footprint that is harming the environment.

Choose Quality Over Quantity

Many of today’s homeowners are more interested in the quantity of amenities instead of their quality. While you may feel at home with certain upgrades, it’s easy to go overboard. You could also wrack up additional expenses with items that you really don’t need and have to pay for.

You can start by taking into account the rooms in your home and what makes them more comfortable. If you are looking to update your bathroom and make it better for the environment, how about changing the toilet to the low pressure variety. You can also do the same with low-flow showerheads. If you need kitchen appliances, you can save money on your utility bills and be kind to Mother Nature by selecting the energy star refrigerators, dishwashers and dryers. Whatever you may choose, make sure it serves its purpose in quality and not quantity.

Personalize Your Space

In addition to going green, you want to ensure that the environmental renovation changes that you’re adding will compliment your personality. If you’re looking at paint, you can choose the color that makes you happy. However, look for paints that are low or no VOC. If you need to update your furnace or air conditioner, there are options that can provide you with comfort such as humidifier and air cleaning systems attached to the units. Doing a little homework ahead of time in regards to the options available to green home renovations can help you personalize your options and make your home a more comfortable and happy atmosphere to reside in.

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