Greenhouse Design Ideas

Property owners take on the challenge of building a greenhouse for a variety of reasons.

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When choosing the right design, they must select something that is functional but also adds aesthetic value to their property. A review of greenhouse design ideas can help property owners find the best selection for their needs.

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The Traditional Barn-Style Greenhouse

By constructing a barn-style greenhouse, the property owner sets up a country style that is great if they live in an old farmhouse. The design will accentuate all the great features of a farmhouse and give it more value. The design is simple to construct, and they can use sheeting to cover the greenhouse.

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Property owners who have some old wood lying around could construct the design within one or two days. The property owners can find all the seeds they need for their plants when you’re looking at i49 now.

When You are Short On Cash

If the property owner is short on cash and wants to get a greenhouse design quickly, they can use semi-circle PVC piping to construct the frame and attack thick plastic sheeting over the greenhouse and secure it to the base framing. According to the schematics, they could purchase the supplies and build the entire greenhouse for around $50. It is a great way to get started, and it will accommodate their plants easily. The property owner should measure their layout and cut the pipe to give them enough room to walk through the greenhouse.

Create a Geodome Greenhouse

A geodome greenhouse is intriguing and adds character to the greenhouse design. Property owners will cut the framing into geometric shapes to create a flowing pattern. For these projects, it is probably best to get a kit for the geodome greenhouse as it will save time and money.

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Everything is precut for the design, and the property owner just has to put it together according to the plants. It consists of wood framing with thick plastic sheeting to create the exterior of the greenhouse. It is ideal for keeping moisture in the greenhouse and allowing the plants to thrive. Property owners who are Star Wars fans could also get a bit more creative with the kit and create the Death Star.

The Adorable Mini Rustic Greenhouse

A mini rustic greenhouse is a super cute greenhouse design that is dainty in size but big on character. It is created from recycled wood and painted according to the property owner’s preferences. It is more narrow than most greenhouse designs, but it may provide better security for their plants since it is constructed of solid wood with exterior walls. Recycled entry doors are a great option for these designs and reduce the cost of construction.

Old Window Greenhouse Design

By using old window framing, the property owner can use several of the windows to create this gem. It consists of exterior walls that are basically window frames pieced together. It is a great way to get adequate sunlight into the greenhouse, but it is secured according to the window glass. It can also reduce heat transfer if the glass was treated.

Homeowners want a sophisticated greenhouse design outside their homes, and they want it to coordinate well with their homes. If the design is painted to match their homes, it could add more aesthetic value and curb appeal. However, some property owners won’t have the budget to build something extravagant. The designs should provide climate control and security for all plants they grow in the structures.

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