Handcrafted Customizable Workspace for Creative People by Wiktoria Lenart

Everyone has its own way of organizing his home work desk and it’s no longer a secret that we like to be as original as possible, to add a little bit of personal touch to the work environment as well. There are hundred of innovative design ideas on the furniture market nowadays, that you don’t know where to look first and what to choose.

What we know for sure is that aesthetics and functionality are two main elements that goes hand in hand when we talk about home workspace. In this post, we’re presenting you an awesome project discovered on behance.net that draw immediately our attention. It’s called “WorkNest” and is envisioned by young Polish designer Wiktoria Lenart for those of you who are extremely creative and tend to become disorganized as they are more involved in everyday tasks.

Designed to improve working conditions, “WorkNest” is a handcrafted customizable desk system that allows you to be messy in an organized way. The idea was to create very simple elements that give the users the ability to control the seeming chaos that marks your desks,  but where everything still remains in its own place. The clean, modular design is made to echo the personality of its user, leaving you to choose between a minimalist desk and several storage structures.

WorkNest consists of a base unit, a handmade ashwood surface, whose top is carved along the edges with long grooves. Plastic buckets and bent metal panels can be fitted into these to form book and supply containers, writing surfaces, and display boards. Best of all, the containers can be filled with potting soil to hold plants that will brighten up your work environment.  By moving these 15 different accessoires, you can easily addapt the workplace on your creative way, according to your needs. Whatever shape it takes, it will definitely become a great place to work from home, very appealing too. Amazing concept, don’t you agree?

According to designer, WorkNest will be soon for sale, but it isn’t very sure yet if in a limited or permanent edition.

Photos © Wiktoria Lenart

WorkNest by Wiktoria Lenart


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