Handy Tips For Maintaining Your Office Trash Cans

Office cleanliness stands of utmost importance owing to the fact that it brings in positivity and keeps negative energies at bay, inviting success and productivity.

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Every office has its own cleaning staff to take care of the cleaning chores, but what about the trash cans that lie at one corner? 

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Trash cans are used throughout the day and are one of the most essential staples in keeping your office area clean. But what about their maintenance? We hardly pay attention to the same. 

But your rubbish bins also require some care and maintenance to prevent your workspace from looking messy and preventing it from becoming a hazard. So here are a few tips for maintaining your rubbish bins:

Covering them all the time

Always make sure that your bins are well covered in order to save your bins from being invaded by insects. For this, you can consider buying trash bins that come with a lid or flap so that it remains covered all the time. Not only do covered trash bins prevent it from becoming a party place or breeding ground for pests and other insects, but they also prevent the foul smell.

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Saving your trash from overflowing

Make sure that you dispose of the trash inside your bins in regular intervals. If your Office recycling bins tend to overflow, not only will it attract bugs and pests but will also cause you to spend extra time clearing the mess. 

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Paper mess can also tend to be a fire hazard if it lies unattended and scattered around your bins. An overflowing dustbin also makes your workplace area look dirty and invites negative energies, further creating an unpleasant environment. Thus make sure that you always dispose of the waste before your trash cans tend to overflow.

Usage of trash bags

Using trash bags inside your garbage bins helps in keeping your bins clean and tidy. Not only do garbage bags help you in keeping your bins clean and save you from washing them on a daily basis, but it also allows easy disposal of the trash. 

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You can easily tie the garbage bags and remove them from the bins. But make sure that you do not let too much trash collect inside it because if it gets heavy, then there are chances that it may rip off and tend to leak, which can entice the pests for a raid.

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Washing the bins

The inside surface of the trash bins can get smelly in quick time owing to all the rotten wastes that you might be disposing of in it. Thus it may need a clean out more often in order to keep the insides clean and tidy, further eliminating any residual bacteria.

Trying the baking soda hack

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Using baking soda can help in controlling odors. If your bins expel an unpleasant smell often, you can consider sprinkling baking soda at the bottom of the trash bin. Baking soda can very well absorb the odors and can save your bins from smelling bad. You can also use lemon peels and coffee grounds instead of baking soda for odor absorption.


We hope these handy tips prove helpful for you in maintaining a trash bin. Further, you need to know that maintaining your trash cans at the office is not as easy as you may have thought it to be. Thus, you can also consider handing over the bin cleaning and trash removal task to the professionals who can get your working space neat and clean by handling your trash in the right way.

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