Heat Up Your Magical Evenings With Style -Astrofire Outdoor Fireplace

Outdoor fireplaces are a very popular decoration item in exterior design nowadays and is an essential piece for romantic evenings or for party gatherings, creating a fantastic visual setting to any pool area, backyard, patio or garden. There are a huge variety of models on the market these days that come in brilliant colors, designs, styles and materials in order to fit different tastes, allowing for a perfect match to your already existing outdoor space furniture and décor. Sometimes is difficult to choose which is the most suitable for your outdoor room, but with a little of professional help, everything should be very easy.

These days we came across Modfire brand’s collection of amazing outdoor fireplaces and couldn’t help sharing with you the newest addition to their modern fireplaces family, which is called Astrofire. Blending clean lines and organic shapes, Modfire products showcases simplicity and beauty in their designs and the Astrofire doesn’t make an exception to the rule. In fact, Astrofire reinvents the modern outdoor fireplace through its fashionable circular design and striking colors that enhance your home’s visual appeal right away. The care for details and high quality of the brand result in a unique functional piece with its own personality, that become a stunning focal point where friends and family will gather to spend great evenings and weekends.

Skilful artisans hand-crafted it in Modfire’s Arizona studio from 14 gauge steel,  hand-rolled into a wide conical shape and attached to a plate steel base with sleek tapered legs. Measuring 34” in diameter and 17” tall,  it features a large 22” firebox for burning full size logs, three fuel burning options (wood, propane and natural gas) and is available in no more than six attractive colors (Tangerine, Maraschino, Azure Avocado, Ultra-Lounge White, Charcoal, Aqualuxe) which anchor your outdoor space beautifully. The Astrofire’s  original looking design allow you enjoy its warmth in the evenings and its bold design elements during the day.

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Photos © Modfire


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