Here Is Why You Need to Enlarge Your Old Basement Window

People use their basements for a variety of purposes. Some use them as entertainment areas -equipped with a bar, seating area, and a television and sound system, while others turn them into rental homes for an additional income. 

In either case, you may consider enlarging your basement window. Most basements, especially in older homes, have tiny windows that aren’t aesthetically pleasing or useful. For one, they don’t let much light in, forcing you to keep the lightbulbs on even at daytime. For the other, they’re too small to be used as an escape route in case of an emergency. Moreover, they aren’t big enough to pass large objects through, making the process of moving furniture a hassle. 

On the other hand, many basements in modern homes have large windows that make them more livable. With these, basements are no longer secondary living spaces, but beautiful, relaxing, comfortable, and modern homes.

If you’re considering enlarging your basement window, then it’s best to get an industry expert on the job – especially a contractorskilled and experienced at working with concrete. Because poured concrete basements are common due to their good structural integrity, it’s likely that you have one too. 

Areputable company will enlarge your basement window quickly and efficiently. They will offer you a professional team equipped with the latest hydraulic tools that offer pinpoint precision to meet your requirements. Later, they’ll cut and remove the concrete offsite to limit your exposure to any undesirable by-products. 

Remember, nothing is more frustrating than enlarging your basement window yourself, only to face fresh problems later. By make mistakes with measurements, cutting, or more, you could hurt the aesthetic quality of your basement window enlargement project. Or worse, you could do costly damage. By leaving it to the professionals, you won’t have to think twice about your project. 

Aside from protecting your assets, you’ll reap a few other rewards after enlarging your basement window. To start with, new larger basement windows have more aesthetic appeal. This improves the look of your house and the value of your property.

Larger basement windows will also reduce your energy bills. Bigger windows are going to let in more natural light and hence reduce your need for artificial lighting. Natural light has also been scientifically proven to provide a health boost. Natural light can improve sleeping patterns, boost Vitamin D, which reduces the chances of contracting various illnesses, and ward off seasonal depression. 

You may have also considered entering the rental property business. With costs of living increasing, this can bring in an extra income that can offset your mortgage payments, property taxes, and maintenance costs. Depending on local regulations, renting out your basement can also earn you some tax breaks.  

However, you may need to enlarge your basement windows to meet the requirements of an egress window before you list your basement on the rental property market. 

Many localities require egress windows by code in bedrooms that don’t have a door leading to the exterior. Windows meeting this standard allow the occupants of a house to easily escape in the unlikely event of an emergency. While there are multiple advantages of enlarging your basement window, safety is the most important one. 


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