Holiday Villa mixes luxury with Mykonian Architecture

The islands of Greece are well known for their breathtaking panoramas, magnificent seascapes, and uniquely built, white, modular houses. It is here in Mykonos that you will find this absolutely decadent villa that emanates true Greek architecture, while capturing the traditional spirit of this island.

Villa Thea, located on the island of Mykonos, is a peaceful sanctuary, carved into the side of a hill with that typical “all white Greek look.” But there is nothing typical about this fascinating luxury retreat. Built just above Lia Bay, it gives the sensation that it’s floating on a cloud, an expression of ethereal beauty, especially with its magnificent infinity pool.

The fascinating characteristic of this villa, however, is not just its seaside views, but its rather unique exterior: outdoor terraces offer plenty of lounge areas characterized by its stone encasings and wooden furniture accents. A host of outdoor areas provides little garden getaways and pergola-covered lounge areas for the ultimate vacation sanctuary. There is also a mixed vibe of modern and natural design, the perfect example being the pool: one end begins in a completely modern style and runs into the opposite end that seems to resemble the sea and coastline itself with rock formations in the middle. An outdoor kitchen is a perfect accent to this exquisite vacation home.

The color schemes throughout the interior and exterior of Villa Thea are also particular and help capture the spirit of its Greek origins. Turquoise shudders offset a stone façade that mixes against the white walls and multi-colored steps leading into the house. The use of stone, even on the interior, is quite particular as well. Stone benches outside are offset by stone based tables with rustic wooden tops. A stone-based outdoor daybed is a wonderful design accent with a cover that closely resembles a worn fishing net for that extra nautical touch.

The interior of the villa is quite particular as well, maintaining the same white stone walls for a rustic beach look. You’ll also notice that everything in the house from the walls to the furniture are quite rounded for a very particular design accent. The rounded white stone furniture becomes one fluid form: the sofa melds into the fireplace that flows into the wall. Even the kitchen is quite particular and is quite reminiscent of an adobe house. A great design accent in several rooms of Villa Thea are also the fireplaces built into the wall for that truly cozy feel.

One luxury villa, so many design inspirations: a truly inspiring residence with quirky details, set against the backdrop of a stunning seascape.

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