How a custom writer adds your product value

Uploading bright pictures and using paid promotions will enable your site to rank high. But what will sustain it is the quality of the contents you have. Good quality content will make your pages to rank high because Google can decipher if a webpage is informative, educating and helpful to readers based on the dwell-time. However, finding reputable essay writers for hire is a wise move. These writers can add to your product value and increase your blog’s reputation. Let’s find out how these custom writers can help.



  • Leveraging the power of storytelling


Essay writers make great storytellers. It is one thing that makes their papers interesting to read. Students who write essay online do so to get quality paper. A professional writer with exceptional storytelling ability will add value to your site. These stories will cause people to spend more time on your web pages and lower your bounce rate. A low bounce rate to Google means that page is informative and it will rank higher.

The issue about bounce rate is simple. The longer people stay on a page, the more Google thinks that the information provided is useful. Google is trying to keep the internet as clean as possible. So they prefer to rank posts with useful information higher.


The concept of introducing storytelling in your blog posts is simple. According to researchers in Spain, certain things change in the human brain when they are being told stories. First, the language processing parts of the brain become activated. Secondly, other areas of the brain used when we experience the events of the stories will be activated too.

A custom paper writer is familiar with how to use the power of storytelling to get readers to grab reader’s attention. So introducing this in your blog will be great. The act of storytelling works fine for blog posts. But it should not be used all the time. You can have few sections devoted to storytelling to breathe life into a boring post. Hiring a writing service is a wise choice for your thesis and blog posts. They have experienced writers who can deliver quality papers consistently.


  • Introduce clickable description tags and title



You need the right words and phrases to improve your organic click-through-rate. Your titles and descriptions must be written in a way that people will be interested to click on your links. Google uses CTR to rank pages. So you can take advantage of this to improve your page ranking. A paper written by a professional custom writer will have these features because they have the experience and know how to use captivating titles.


  • Concentrate on the Benefits



A professional custom writer knows the importance of laying more emphasis on benefits than features of a product, and how to present information in a way that will persuade readers to accept it. Majority of writers have the tendency of dwelling on features of a product over benefits. They forget that the major reason why people are interested to click on a link is to get more information that will benefit them. They want to know how your product or information will solve their problems or better their lives.

Professional custom writers know how to appeal to the emotions of readers and get them to accept information without ease. This will help to build the reputation of your website if applied the right way.

Professional writers can help turn your blog around. Their knowledge of custom paper writing can be used to add more value to your product and business. The most important thing you need to consider is finding the right service provider to work on your posts. Once you are able to do so, success will be inevitable.


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