How Do Vertical Blinds Make Your Home Look Good

Because of a wide array of options that homeowners can choose from, vertical blinds are one of the easiest window treatments you can use. Vertical blinds make your home look more beautiful and functional at the same time. 

Vertical blinds can provide the basic things you need for a window treatment, such as sun protection, privacy, and home aesthetics for a more comfortable and good-looking living space.   

In this post, you’ll learn how vertical blinds can help make your home look great.   

Decorate Vertical Blinds Using Assortment of Curtains and Drapes

Make your home stunning by decorating your vertical blinds with assortments of curtains and drapes. Vertical blind decorations make your home more visually appealing, modern, and elegant.

Here’s how:

Vertical Blinds Disguise Your Window Frame’s Hard Lines

If you have window frames with hard lines, you can decorate your vertical blinds with sheer curtain fabric. By doing so, you’ll soften the overall feel of the room. Remember that decorating sheer fabric together with your vertical blinds, may not serve as a functional curtain. However, it is a great method to hide your window frame’s hard lines.

Paint Vertical Blinds to Upgrade the Look of Your Home 

You can always upgrade your old blinds by buying new vertical blinds. Sliding glass windows and doors are better off with vertical blinds. However, as time passes by, your old vertical blinds may not blend with new home decors, making your living room look outdated. You can address this issue by painting your vertical blinds. 

Regardless if whether your vertical blinds are fabric or vinyl, you can paint them using specialty paints or paints designed to adhere to such surfaces. Spray plastic paint provides long-lasting color and perfect coverage. You can paint your vertical blinds to match trims and walls. Make sure to clean the blinds properly before painting. Also, vinyl blinds would require light sanding so the paint will adhere.

Use Stick-on In Your Vertical Blinds

You can cut wallpaper to match the size of the slats of your blinds, pasting them directly on the slats to create a different look for your window treatment. Choose from different patterns and colors of wallpapers. Don’t forget to use a vinyl primer to ensure that the wallpaper will adhere to the slats of your vertical blinds. 

Maximize the beauty of your home using vertical blinds decorated with wall decals added to the slats by cutting them into sections. Decals create a stunning and modern mural when your vertical blinds are closed. Also, they add visual interest and color when the blinds are open.

Protect Your Privacy Without Compromising Safety and Aesthetics

It’s a good idea to invest in cordless vertical blinds not only for aesthetic purposes but also to keep pets and children safe. The appearance of your vertical blinds inside and outside can be enhanced with the professional blind installation. 

For additional privacy, you can combine the use of black-out drapes with your vertical blinds. It’s applicable in your bedroom, home office, and other areas at home where you need privacy. Decorating your vertical blinds with thick fabric home decors, wall decals, or wallpaper will also do the trick.

It’s a good idea to talk to your interior designer if you have a newly constructed home. By doing so, you’ll ensure to choose the right type of blinds for maximum privacy, home aesthetics, and safety.


Vertical blinds are not only effective daylight blocking window treatments, but they also make good home decors. By incorporating vertical blinds with drapes and curtains, you can achieve the perfect ambiance you want for your home. Also, you can add wallpapers or decals to the slats or strips by cutting them into appropriate sizes to make your vertical blinds more appealing.

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