How does track lighting work?

Decorating large rooms and houses with lights that are pleasing to the eyes is a modern trend.

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But do you know lights affect your mood too? Good illuminations give you positive energy and freshen you up. The most practical lightning system used nowadays is the track lighting system. It saves 80% energy as compared to halogen lamps. It is used to enhance the exquisiteness of homes and provide refined simplicity. 

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1. What is track lighting?

Track lighting is a lighting method where light fixtures are attached anywhere on a continuous track device that contains electrical conductors. In contrast, to directly routing electrical wiring to distinct light positions. The track light can be mounted to the ceiling or walls. Also, tracks can be dangled with rods from especially high places like vaulted ceilings.

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2. How does track lighting work?

Track light system consists of two parts

  1. Track
  2. Head

Track: It is of 3 types termed as “H”, “J”, and “L.” They are termed after the names of scientists Halo, Juno, and Lightolier. It is wired to power and holds the conductor for heads. Cross-sectionally, it looks like a square with the center part of one side missing. Straight pieces of tracks are used most commonly. Track lights are hung on the ceiling or wall through this part. The majority of tracks are available in 4 foot or 8-foot length.

The Heads: These are lamp holding fixtures. Each head consists of a piece that connects it to the power inside the track with two metal tabs. Canisters are the most common lightning heads in use. They hold one reflector light bulb that throws light where you need it. For each head, a small built-in transformer is needed to operate it. 

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If you want a customized track lighting system that is made of cut-to-straight track and fits your space, then you may need to hire an electrician to complete this part of the work.

  1. Type of LED track lighting

These are categorized based on 

Track lights can be divided based on the purpose of installation. The three most common applications are general lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting. 

It can be divided based on the shape of the track. Linear track and flexible tack are two main types. 

The head is just a fixture to fix the lamp or bulb. People can use pendant fixtures instead of head fixtures. The four main types of magnetic heads are round head, pinhole, gimbal, and step head. 

It can be categorized based on the style of the track into 

  1. Modern Track Lighting
  2. Contemporary Track Lighting
  3. Traditional Track Lighting
  4. Rustic Track Lightning
  5. Victorian Track Lighting

The track light is one of the most versatile types of home lighting. While you are choosing, you must consider the number of lights, the type of light bulbs, and overall layout, and any additional features (like a custom control panel) you want to include. Track lights can be customized based on materials, color, finish, shades, and dimensions.

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4. Where to buy?

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Track Lights:

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