How Quickly Raccoon Invasion Can Destroy Your Backyard

You might be wondering why you should hire a raccoon removal service in Mississauga. When a raccoon
comes to your property, it can cause all sorts of problems. The first thing you should know about raccoons is that they are carriers of a number of viruses and bacteria that can cause harm to humans, pets, and other animals. They carry these harmful organisms in their urine, feces, and saliva. Thus, a raccoon invasion in your backyard can lead to the spread of diseases which could prove to be fatal. Due to the real threat of disease from these animals, it is important to ensure they are removed as soon as possible. It doesn’t matter if they visit occasionally or permanently.

Also, raccoons have nesting habits that are unlike those of other animals their size. They like invading attics, chimneys, and sheds. When they find a secluded space in your backyard, they quickly occupy it. To them, such places are the safest, given the little disturbance, they will get. As such, they will cause a lot of damage to your property.

Another characteristic of raccoons is that they can be dangerous to you, your children, and pets (some raccoons attack pets and can even kill them). Don’t be deceived by their timid looks. Confront them and raccoons will want to fight unto death. As they do that, they can scratch and bite your kids or pets. Since they are known to be carriers of rabies, they can spread it to other animals and human beings.

Dangers Posed by Raccoons To Human Health

To reiterate, some raccoons are carriers of the rabies virus. It is the most dangerous of all the pathogens these animals carry. They can transmit rabies through their saliva. That’s why a scratch and bite from a raccoon to a human or pet should receive swift medical attention In their urine and feces, raccoons carry bacteria. The most common is the Salmonella bacteria which causes Salmonella. It also carries the Leptospira bacteria which causes Leptospirosis. They spread roundworm eggs, a leading cause of Raccoon Roundworm.

These conditions have adverse effects such as high fever, loss of muscle control, meningitis, severe
headaches, diarrhea, liver failure, loss of vision, kidney failure, and coma. You can see why you should hire raccoon removal Mississauga. Call us now: 647-931-6183.

How Raccoons Lead To Property Damage

When raccoons invade your property, it is easy to know just by looking at the state of your property. Signs of raccoon invasion include:

– Dented or damaged bird feeders

– Spilled garbage from trash cans around your proper

– Destroyed fruit trees or crops
– Damage to the structural framework near your garage

Damage to the attic or chimney

When you notice signs of a raccoon invasion around your backyard, it is important to hire a professional removal service to help you get rid of them. A good example is the best raccoon removal company in
Mississauga. Don’t be deceived by a raccoon’s timid looks. When cornered, the animal can get aggressive and attack you, your kids, and pets. Avoid setting your pet, even the fiercest dog against a raccoon. Apart from causing serious injuries, they spread diseases such as rabies.

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