How Should You Choose the Best Same-Day Hot Water System in Melbourne?

Within Australia, water heating significantly contributes to household energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Solar-powered heaters are energy-efficient, while water heaters operating on natural gas and electricity use the maximum energy for heating purposes. 

Sourcing an efficient heating appliance from a reputed provider like Same Day Hot Water Service allows your Melbourne home or commercial property to make a positive environmental impact. 

You mainly require hot water in the bathroom, kitchen, and to do your laundry. Choosing a device that conserves water and energy is the way forward.

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Types of Hot Water Systems

Broadly, hot water systems have either a storage tank or a continuous instantaneous flow. Once the hot water in the tank gets consumed, freshwater needs to be heated again. The constant flow system assures you of instant hot water on opening the connecting faucet. 

The main categories of hot water systems used mainly in Melbourne include:

Buying Considerations 

It is worth researching your options to ensure you find an energy-efficient hot water system within your budget and one that meets all your needs. Consider the listed factors to choose one from a reliable Melbourne dealer like Same Day Hot Water Service:

Number of Residents and Usage Pattern

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The number of residential occupants who will utilize the hot water supply daily helps determine the appropriate size. Having clarity on your usage pattern is also helpful. Do you intend to operate your dishwasher and washing machine together? 

Are all family members in need of hot bathing water at the same time of day? Installing too small a tank in a large household makes you run out of hot water faster, while with an unnecessarily large tank, your operational costs soar.

The system you select must deliver accordingly based on your household size and daily usage patterns. 

Purchase and Operational Costs

A hot water system goes beyond a one-time investment as you have to spend on its recurring operating costs that continue for years together. The more energy your heating appliance conserves, you can keep your monthly utility bills in check. 

Even when your purchase and installation charges of a new water heater are affordable, you may have to spend exorbitantly to keep it functional. Electric and gas water heaters, for instance, consume far more energy than the more expensive solar-powered and heat pump systems purchases.

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Available Energy Sources

If you do not get access to natural gas, solar, and heat pump systems, keep tabs on your energy consumption and benefit the environment. For the cooler months of the year when the sun is not strong in Melbourne, you may need to depend on an electric hot water system. 

To install solar panels, the available space on your north-facing roof is an essential consideration. This area should only be exposed to modest shade, or else your panels will be unable to absorb maximum solar energy. 

Energy Star Rating

The Australian government insists upon an energy star rating prominently displayed on the hot water system devices. As an environment-conscious consumer, you can gauge from this sticker the energy your potential appliance is likely to consume. An energy-efficient model does not unnecessarily inflate your utility bills.

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