How Signing Up For Tea Lady Services In A Workplace Co-relates To A Higher Work Productivity

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Working within a commercial space can be hectic and stressful. Papers and ink, food and beverage and a lot of dust and dirt can dirty up space pretty quickly.

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At the same time, a work environment calls for the constant grind, which leaves employees exhausted and unable to take a look at the surroundings. Hence, when the office is a mess and there is no time to get it done, the best solution is to hire a tea lady. 

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A Tea lady or a cleaning lady will keep the office neat, which will boost the office’s functionality and workability. Working within a clean space is extremely important as the cleanliness of space directly affects one’s efficiency and morale. There are many tea lady services in Singapore and around the globe that can help you in creating a workspace that thrives on productivity. 

How Does A Clean Office Help Its Employees? 

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#1. The good air quality and environment help employees to work within a fresh space.

#2.  Increased productivity of workers. Employees function better in a cleaner environment around them promotes their efficiency. 

#3.  Having a clean environment also produces a professional appearance for when visitors come by. This leaves a good impression of the company, workspace and its employees. 

#4.  Working within a clean environment is good for health. Since there may be many germs, bacteria, fungus and insect infestation due to a messy space, cleaning up the office will keep these dangers away.

#5.  Overall healthy, productive and safe workspace so that employees can focus solely on their job.

So, to ensure that such a space is achieved, a cleaning lady would be the perfect fit. Tea ladies are extremely meticulous in their work and will do the assigned tasks perfectly. Since the main focus is on cleaning the office spaces, tea ladies will ensure that the office is almost spotless. 

The main advantage of having a tea lady is the fact that a huge burden would be completely lifted off the employer’s shoulders, where they can put their trust in a professional who will not only do a great job but will efficiently clean the space and do it quickly as well.

Why self-cleaning may not be the best option for you…..

While as a human being, a person must maintain a level of cleanliness around them, an individual can’t take up the task of cleaning the space with other commitments on hand. Not only that, employees who are preoccupied with work shouldn’t have to do the job of cleaning, as they expect a clean environment from their employer. 

Another issue is that the cleaning done by people who are not professionals, may not do a good job. They may not clean all the required spaces and may end up not removing all the trash, dirt, dust and grime that may have accumulated. This may reflect badly on the employer and the company and also give a bad impression to visitors who come to the office. 

Hence, a professional tea lady will do this for you.

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How Will A Professional Cleaning Lady Help An Office? 

Here are few pointers that will help you in gauging how opting for professional expert services is preferable. 

#1. They will have advanced knowledge and skills about how to clean different surfaces and different parts of the office. 

#2. They are experienced professionals who know exactly what they’re doing.

#3. Cleaning floors, tables and can wash utensils, cups and spoons lying within the pantry. 

#4. Sweep and mop the floors as well as vacuuming of carpeted areas. 

#5. Remove the burden of cleaning and tidying up space and will do the work even better! 

The best part about hiring a tea lady to bring your office back to its clean state is that the process is extremely easy. 

There are just three steps to having a perfectly clean office, with the help of these professionals! 

Step #1

Book the appointment and mention the size of the office as well as the type of cleaning you’d like! 

Step #2 

The company will find the right cleaner and quote the price. 

Step #3

The professional cleaner will show up at the office at the scheduled time and complete the work that’s required of her! 

At the end of these three short steps, you will have an office space that’s as good as new. 

So, What Is A Tea Lady’s Scope Of Work And What Does Office Cleaning Entail? 

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There is more to office cleaning than just the floors, tables and windows. Offices are commercial spaces that require a level of cleanliness and perfection and hence need to be cleaned regularly and meticulously. 

Reception Area 

Since reception areas are the first space that a person enters, they need to get a good impression of it. Hence, this area has to be extremely clean. 

This would involve cleaning the reception table and vacuuming the sofas. Cleaning of any pieces of attraction like sculptures, paintings and items of decor and also any interior partitions of glass, wood or stone. 


Working areas are sort of personal and tend to have a lot of clutter. This is also some of the messiest parts of an office as employees will be hard at work, day in and day out and do not have time to tidy up. 

Cleaning of these spaces would involve tidying up without actually touching the belongings of a worker and just create a cleaner environment for them to work in. Cleaning the tables, wiping and vacuuming chairs, taking out any trash cans present and wiping computer monitors, keyboards and other electronics. 


Toilets are extremely important to be cleaned as it speaks very loudly about the general hygiene of the company. 

This cleaning would involve wiping countertops, mirrors, and mopping floors. Also cleaning toilets and urinals and disposing of waste. Tea ladies would also replace toilet paper rolls, hand towels and soap bottles. 


The pantry is an area where a lot of potential staining and spillage could happen. Coffee stains, food stains and more, the floors and counters of a pantry can also tend to attract insects and bacteria due to the presence of eatables. 

Tea ladies would not only clean the countertops and floors but can also replenish the snacks if required. Other pantry cleaning services involve putting away the dishes and wiping microwaves and fridges. 

Sign Up for Tea Lady Services In Singapore Today!

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There are so many different aspects of commercial space that need to be tidied up that an individual who is not a professional can handle on their own. Hiring tea lady services in Singapore and around for this work will bring the office right back to its previous state, and will keep a very safe, healthy and neat environment for all the people to thrive in. 

By seeking professional help, you can assure great quality, impeccable services and also prevent any types of hassles! A tea lady will help make your office environment the best it can be! 

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