How To Choose Furniture For Small Space


You may have certain furniture limitations based on the size of your room that you’re excited to decorate. Sometimes it may be tough to find pieces that fit perfectly in a challenging space.

However, small rooms don’t have to be a hardship when decorating if you know what pieces of furniture go best in these tighter spaces.

Here are a few tips to make your small spaces just as functional and design filled as your larger rooms.

Double Use

Many pieces of furniture only serve one purpose. Putting these kinds of pieces in your smaller space may inhibit the amount of furniture or style you want for your room.

There are many types of furniture that can serve two different purposes. With these double feature pieces, you can have two different utilities for one piece of furniture. 

Ottomans are an awesome example of a double feature piece of furniture. When using an ottoman, you can place the extra piece right at the foot of your sofa, turning it into a sectional.

This will provide plenty of extra seating and make up for the smaller couch. You can also use this as a makeshift coffee where you can place trays, platters, or any other kind of items that might normally go on a coffee table.

If an ottoman is still too bulky for the size of your room, a small stylish stool can act both as seating, footrest, and makeshift coffee table.


Storage space is always a challenge in a small room. Ideally, every room should have some sort of space with storage, however if it’s smaller than normal, then that option may not have been built in.

This is the ideal opportunity to put furniture that can double as storage space in your small room. Ottomans, coffee tables, and especially entertainment centers and dressers are all available in styles with a plethora of storage capacity.

Shelving can also be an awesome way to add storage to your room without taking up floor space. These can double as functional and stylish pieces to place decorative items.

Sleek Design

Some furniture made for larger spaces may have designs that are unnecessarily large.

Some sofas have backless features which can be placed up against a wall and cushions can be substituted for the traditional back. These backless couches can also be placed as more modern decor in the middle of the room.

Armchairs often have armrests that are far too large for a necessity. Keep an eye out for comfortable yet slim arm chairs that will work much better in your smaller space

Also, look for dressers or bookcases at are tall rather than wide. This will allow the storage peices to take up vertical space rather than horizontal. 


Layout is a perfect opportunity to change the spatial feeling in your small room. Taking your furniture and placing it at the edges of the room near the wall will leave the middle space open and airy and will give your room a unique layout.

The team at April & Oak Australia have a myriad of these options for your small space. Contact them today to fulfill your small space design dreams. 

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