How to choose padlocks? What are its advantages?

Padlocks are famous all around the world and they are used by almost every person.

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A padlock has a metal body with a shackle. The shackle above the metal body is U-shaped and it goes inside the metal body when you press the shackle. This results in the locking of the padlock. 

Padlocks are small in size and can be carried anywhere easily. These padlocks are usually used to combine two different objects. Like two chains, a chain with another object, or the door with its frame. 

These padlocks are convenient and very easy to use. They come in various styles and qualities. But the mechanism is almost the same in every padlock. It has a tumbler inside the metal body. When the correct combination is entered in the lock through the key. Then it releases the shackle and the lock opens. 

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Padlocks are not much securer. The metal shackle can be easily cut and the lock can break. Using a padlock at places where there you require more security is foolishness. Because padlocks are not secure enough to prevent your valuable products from thieves. However, some new padlocks have hardened the shackle to make them more difficult to cut. 

Hence, the security which a padlock provides also depends upon the amount of money you spend. Expensive padlocks have shackles made of boron alloy and coated with other materials like chrome, nickel, etc to protect them from rusting and making it harder to be cut. 

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How do Padlocks work?

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When it comes to the working of a Padlock. It consists of three main components. The lock body, shackle, and the locking mechanism. The working mechanism of padlocks is very simple. In the inside part, the padlock has pins and these pins are of two types, lower pins, and upper pins. 

These pins run down into the cylinder and lock the shackle at its place. The pins will not release the shackle until the right key enters the lock to unlock it. 

When the correct combination enters the lock, it moves all the pins away, and the shackle releases. After this process is finished, the lock opens as the shackle removes out from the metal body of the padlock. 

Advantages and disadvantages of a Padlock

The world is full of mechanical things and almost each and every mechanical product has advantages and as well as disadvantages. Some have more advantages and fewer disadvantages and vice versa. 

But it is sure that it will always have some cons along with the pros in it. Similarly, padlocks have advantages as well as disadvantages. As you are reading this article. It means that you are in a search of a padlock. So, it is necessary for you to be aware of all the weaknesses and goods of the padlocks. 

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A padlock has a lot of advantages if we put the negativity at the side for a while. This means that the padlock is convenient, portable, and small. It can be carried along easily and can benefit at picnics and tours as well. 

A padlock has a simple mechanism that a child can open. So you can ask your child to unlock the door and get the things from the room without leaving your place. 

Padlocks are actually Roman innovation that has spread all over the world like a forest fire. They are popular everywhere and are used. These locks are cheaper than the door locks and require less place. You can just hang them locked with the door when not in use. 

The main reason why the Padlocks are loved by people and advantage them is that they are small, convenient, portable, and provide a decent type of security at a low cost. 


After we have discussed the advantages of padlocks. Now it is time to reveal some cons of padlocks. The disadvantages of padlocks are not much. Actually, these will not be a disadvantage if you take it positively or use the padlocks in the right way in the right place. 

Padlocks don’t provide excellent security. As the shackle can easily break by a hammer or a bolt cutter. However, most of the new padlocks are now coming with hard shackles that are difficult to break. 

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These locks are not manufactured for the main doors of the house. so if you will use these locks on the externals. Then you can face a robbery if you are in an area where you have a threat. 

One more disadvantage of the padlock is that you will have to attach something such as a piece of metal plate to the door so that it can connect that door with the frame and lock it together. Because a padlock requires two different things to lock together, as it connects both of them. 

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