How to Choose Persian Rugs for Your Home

Persian rugs are most luxurious and decorative rugs among all handmade rugs. They add an amazing feel to your home interior. A Persian rug adds color, warmth and style to your floor. These rugs are mostly come with medallion patterns. You can find a wide range of Persian rugs in stores as well as online in a wide range of colors and design. Mostly Persian rugs are manufactured with New Zealand wool which is more soft and durable than other materials. Persian rugs are originally manufactured in Iran, Russia, China, Nepal and India.

Decorate with Persian rugs can be a difficult task for you because they have traditional theme and they can fit easily with traditional homes but in modern home you have to think deeply about its colors. Because they have made up of different colors and style. If you are going to buy a rug for modern space so you can choose soft and neutral colors they will easily match with your interior. Persian rugs mostly available in red and blue colors you can choose these type of rug if you have charcoal grey colors on the walls.

If we talk about quality, Persian rugs are best in many ways. Mostly people love to buy durable rug and Persian rugs offer both durability and style because they are hand knotted with quality wool. They can easily convert to any simple room to a luxury room.

Here are few factors that you should consider before buy a Persian rug-

If you are buying it from a store then check the rug properly from both sides check irregular weaving and ask the seller about knots per square inch. Mostly hand knotted rugs have 60, 80 and 100 knots per square inch.

Open the rug role and check it should open smoothly. If it get any ripple and wrinkle so you must ask the seller about this issue.

Check the dimensions from all sides and it should be same on both sides.

If you are buying a Persian rug for bathroom then it should out 3 feet from both sides.

If you are buying a rug for small room then buy a rug with small pattern and it will appear large on the room.

If you cannot find the rug according to your expectation so you can customize rug according to your own design and colors.

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