How to Choose the Best Curtain Pole

One of the most interesting processes in a home renovation is choosing décor, especially permanent things like a curtain rod. You have to pick something that is of proper size and the perfect color to match the rest of your home. This is an important decision because you might use the curtain rods for several years, so your decision must be guided by a number of factors including changes you intend to make in the future. If you are getting started with your renovation, here are things you should consider picking the best curtain pole.

Choosing the right size

The first thing you need to do is measure the size of your windows to know the size of rods that can fit. Although there are adjustable rods that might be forgiving, in case you get the wrong measurements, you might still need to know the widths of your windows on each casing. While doing the calculations you should add about 5 inches to your dimensions if you would like the curtains to cover a bigger area of the wall. This is very important, especially if you are going to choose tension rods. The right diameter should be at least one inch (2.5 cm) as thin rods look cheap and might bow due to the weight exerted by the drapes if heavy.

Consider the type of curtains you will have

It’s also important to look at the type of curtains you will be using. If you are going for heavy drapes, you should choose sturdy rods, preferably wrought iron rods that will not bow when put under pressure by the fabric. If you will want to layer with window treatments, you should go for double curtain poles. And don’t forget if you need curtains for your bathroom you should pick tension curtain rods as they can hang lightweight curtains. To get matching quality, you should visit the best place to buy curtain poles in your area even if your budget is not very high. The reason is that many cheap offers might not stand the test of time as far as quality is concerned.

Choosing color

Color is an important aesthetic property that you should also include in your criteria while looking to buy a curtain pole. For a designer look with the curtain rods, you might want to consider a rod that offers tones of dark furniture within your room. This pulls space together and helps to create a pleasing contrast, which acts like an eyeliner. Remember that in case you choose wood rods you should do periodic turning to prevent them from bowing out of shape. It’s more pleasing to go with a metal rod that comes with a bronze finish if your choice is a brown-toned rod. Another thing you could do is to choose a rod the same color as your drapes to achieve a matchy-matchy look. However, if you prefer your curtains to disappear instead of being visible as a design element, you could pick up rods with the wall color.

Spice up your living room with decorative curtain poles

Don’t just go out and buy curtain poles to hold curtains, but also factor in décor. There are different types of poles that will add the esthetic aspect that are perfect for the living room. Choose curtain poles with round finals if you want a classic look, or you could go for double curtain rods if you would like to achieve elegant spirals that can make your home to have a polished look. There are also decorative curtains that come with carved flowers or leaves, so depending on the design aspect of your living room, you can spice things up with this simple fix.

Pick finals

Finals make your curtain poles stand out and could help to unify the décor in your room. Select a final with matching qualities as the formality of the room. For instance, crystal finals would not look in place if used on a sun porch, so ensure to be keen while selecting these materials. You might even go thematic if you are decorating a kids room for example. Finals are available in a variety of materials, including glass, wood, metal, and resin to name a few. Ensure to choose one that fits with the décor of your room by adding a material already featured in the room.

Buying the best curtain pole is not the most challenging thing you could do for your home. It only requires knowledge about your home and the outcome you want to achieve. To choose a perfectly matching curtain rod, consider the size of your windows and also add some decorative features like finals that can make the setting more interesting. Choose the perfect color to match with décor in your room and also ensure the poles are strong enough to carry the weight of the curtains.

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