How to Choose the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

When you want to propose to your partner, finding the perfect diamond ring can be a challenge. It’s not that the perfect ring doesn’t exist – it’s that there are so many different options to choose from. It’s hard to make sure you’ve looked at everything to know you’re choosing the best one.

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You’re ahead of the game if you already know something about the type of ring you want. For instance, you might want a solitaire engagement ring or a rose cut diamond. Or, you might be interested in a vintage ring or something with a yellow gold band. 

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Knowing at least something about what you want will help you find the right ring. Either way, here are some tips to help you choose the perfect diamond engagement ring.

1. Ask other people for advice

If you’re going to propose to your partner, chances are, you’ve already discussed a possible future together as a married couple. However, you might not want your partner to know you’re going to propose. This means you’ll need to find an engagement ring on your own, without their input. To avoid buying a ring that isn’t exactly what your partner prefers, ask someone you can trust for advice.

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Does your partner have a sister or brother who can tell you about their ring preferences? Maybe they can find out their exact ring size, too, so you don’t have to go through a resizing process if you guess incorrectly. 

Use all of your resources to narrow down your partner’s ring preferences as much as possible.

2. Scour your partner’s social media for clues

Don’t want your partner to know you’re going to propose? Look through their social media posts to see if they’ve posted photos of rings they like. Go far back before you met because they may have posted pictures of their ideal ring when having conversations with their friends.

If you can’t find any photos of rings, or if they have too many pictures to look through one-by-one, search their profiles for the keyword “ring” to see what pops up. The best social media platforms for clues will likely be Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

3. Focus on color and clarity

A diamond’s color and clarity are the most important aspects to focus on because they’re what make diamonds look so amazing. For example, diamonds are naturally found in several colors, including pink, white, yellow, brown, and green.

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The most expensive diamonds will be colorless, but completely colorless diamonds are extremely rare. Diamonds with a faint color, on the other hand, are more affordable and can actually match really well with a yellow gold band.

You’ll probably want to stay away from the faint yellow diamonds because they’re considered low grade and aren’t all that good looking. However, there are radiant yellow diamonds that are highly sought after and look absolutely beautiful.

4. Find a ring that complements your partner’s existing jewelry

Does your partner have a favorite bracelet or necklace they like to wear all the time? If so, try to find an engagement ring that will complement the jewelry they already wear. Whether they wear jewelry with sentimental meaning or items they find beautiful, you can find a diamond engagement ring to match.

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In most cases, any diamond ring will complement basic jewelry, but if your partner already wears, say, a diamond bracelet, look at the type of diamonds to figure out their preference. While they might have a different preference in diamond rings, at least their existing diamond jewelry will give you a general idea of what they like.

Make your engagement special with the right ring

Make your engagement special by finding the perfect ring. Whether you’re choosing a diamond, a ruby, or any other jewel, keep looking for the right ring with the perfect setting. You’ll know it when you find it because there won’t be any other option that seems right.

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