How To Choose The Perfect Mattress For Your Comfort

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Sleep is one of the essential needs of our life.

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Good sleep is the key to maintain good health and helps us to get going in our life. For good rest, mattress plays a significant role in providing us with good sleep. Many people do not understand the importance of a good quality mattress and spend their whole life using a mattress that fails to provide comfort. We might have to pay a fortune amount on a new mattress, but it will give us the ability to sleep better.

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Various Kinds Of Mattresses 

There are different types of mattresses that might confuse us and our choice to buy a suitable mattress for ourselves. The most known kinds of mattresses are foam, hybrid, innerspring, airbed, and latex.


Airbeds are specially designed with an air chamber as a support system. Its pump is controlled with smart-phones which remove and add air according to the comfort of the sleeper. The airbeds can be adjusted with different level of firmness on each side.

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Hybrids consist of two elements: a substantial foam comfort and an innerspring support core. It has different layers that have foam and short layers of coils. These mattresses provide the sleepers with ease in every position with its blend of bounce and contouring ability with low heat retention.


Foam mattresses are entirely designed with foam, without using any coils. They are a good fit for side sleepers and couples as they provide above-average contouring and pressure relief to the body. Memory foam is one of the most known foams in these mattresses. You can check MattressNextDay to find out more details about this kind of mattress and today’s best brands in the marketplace.

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Innerspring consist of different layers, and its support system relies on coils. Innerspring mattresses are bouncier but lack pressure relief and have limited motion isolation. These mattresses are popular because of their lower prices.


The mattresses made with all layers of latex rubber are known as all-latex or true- latex mattresses. These mattresses offer moderate contouring, durability and bounce. Natural and organic latex made eco-conscious shoppers highly prefer mattresses.

Types Of Mattresses According To Different Sleepers

Various sleeping positions need different mattresses to ensure that we provide the right amount of support to our body parts to keep the spinal aligned.

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Back sleepers

Back sleepers rely most on their lower back. When the mattress is too soft, the lower body will sink into the mattress resulting in U-shape that might cause strain. Similarly, if the mattress is too firm, there won’t be any accommodation for the lower body’s curve. Medium-firm to firm mattress is the most suitable mattress for the back sleepers that will provide light-moderate contouring.

Stomach sleepers

Stomach sleepers are like back sleepers as they put the most pressure on their lumbar spine. Firm mattresses are the best choice for stomach sleepers as it will prevent the body from being in U-shape and avoid the suffocation that might occur from lying face-down on the mattress.

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Side sleepers

Unlike back and stomach sleepers, side sleepers have sharp pressure points which include shoulders and hips. While using a soft mattress, the sharp points will dip out of line with the rest of the spine, whereas using a firm mattress impact, these points may result in misalignment. For side sleepers, medium-soft to medium-firm mattresses or king mattress protectors are most suitable.

Wrapping it up!

Mattresses do matters when our priority is to get a good night’s sleep. A good mattress plays a significant role in getting good sleep. Sleep acts like food for our body as our body cannot function when we are sleep deprived or lacks sleep. Using the correct type of mattress according to our sleeping position will reduce the risks of muscle and joint pains and keep our spine aligned.                           

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