How to Choose the Perfect Sink for your Bathroom

When choosing the right sink for your bathroom you are faced with a multitude of options, not only when it comes to the type and style of the sink but the price range as well.

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This article will assist you in selecting the best bathroom sinks to match all of the needs and requirements of a modern functional bathroom.

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General Planning

The sink plays an important role in every bathroom. Whether it’s a modern luxurious one, or a plain simple bathroom, the sink represents the crucial element that is the center of bathroom arrangement as well as activities that go on inside. The sink should be modern and functional, but how do we know we chose the right one?

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Naturally, as is the case with other bathroom elements, choosing the sink requires a lot of planning. This includes paying attention to the size of the bathroom and the way it is used. You also need to consider how often the sink will be used, or in other words, how many tenants or family members you have living in your home.

Stand Alone Sinks

Stan alone sinks belong to the group of bathroom elements that can be adjusted with others and fit in with most ease. They come in many dimensions, shapes, designs, and materials. Stan alone sinks offer a certain simplicity that is best observed when combined with other bathroom elements.

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This type of sink is perfect for bathrooms designed in a minimalistic style. However, it may be wise to mention that a sink with a built in mirror cabinet is ideal for smaller bathrooms. On the other hand, if your bathroom is a bit bigger, then you may want to consider installing a double sink, especially if it is used by many people. They may be a bit more expensive, but seeing as how they can be very practical and helpful, they shouldn’t be considered as luxury elements.

Modern Spacious Sinks

In big modern bathrooms these days, bathrooms have more and more sinks that are installed on top of boards, especially wooden ones. No doubt these sinks are interesting, but they can also be a bit more expensive than standard ones.

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The space below them is ideal for putting away your usual bathroom items and you can even fit a small locker or cabinet. You need to decide for yourself whether you need the extra space provided by these sinks. If you don’t, then go with the standard ones.


Some sinks are designed to look beautiful and modern, but what about their functionality? Some may be too small or too low to hinder you from doing your usual bathroom activities. What are they made of? How do you maintain them? These are all questions you need to ask yourself before the sink takes place in your bathroom.

Using a sink should first and foremost be simple and practical, as well as pleasant. Washing your face while the water splashes around the bathroom, going too low to reach the faucet and risking back injury are things you want to avoid.

Sophie Andersen is an interior designer from Australia. Sophie work on new concept home projects together with Sydney plumbers and other specialists. Sophie enjoys writing and sharing her experience. Follow her at @andersen_sophie.

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