How to choose the perfect stairs for your home

The interior stairs are important pieces of the interior decoration and we can find them in many different styles.

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Although it seems simple, for the realization of the house’s interior staircases we must pay close attention as they will help us go daily between the living room and upstairs bedroom.

But, what are the criteria to do robust, easy to climb and easy to keep up staircases?

Here are some tips to choose well the stairs of your house.

Image by Falkenpost from Pixabay

Right or curled, in a spiral or helical, the stairs are found in a variety of designs and materials. Depending on your house’s interior style if you like rustic or contemporary modern staircases, you can choose from wood, metal, glass or concrete. The current trend is lightness and transparency with metal structure of aluminum and the stair from plexiglass or glass.

The feeling of comfort of the stairs depends on the number of steps, with as many steps, more comfort. Likewise, depth and height of the steps matter for the feeling of comfort. Generally, straight profiles are safer than the spiral ones. 

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We can wider or narrower the stairs, depending on the available space. To harmonize the stairs width with the space of the hallway, we must take into account the size of the house. For houses with large spaces will fit wider stairs and for houses with limited space, we choose narrow stairs. 

An important aspect to look at is what material is used for the stairs. There are many solutions including concrete, wrought iron or wood.

Classical stairs are made of concrete. Concrete staircase can be covered with tiles or slabs of wood. Wrought iron stairs fit generally into commercial spaces, but we can use wrought iron stairs in the garage or the attic near the entrance. 

Wooden staircase fits the rustic style. They are suitable for mountain chalets or country houses. You can also renovate your existing stairs by contacting a staircase refinishing expert that can make your old stairs new again.

The banister is perhaps more visible than the staircase itself because is the supportive element when we step on the stairs. Widely used today is the stainless steel banister. Harmonizes generally with the stairs with modern minimalist design. For classical stairs, lacquered solid wood banisters can be mounted. For wrought iron stairs, the banister can be installed also from wrought iron.

Image by stokpic from Pixabay

Other aspects to take into account for the interior stairs outside the width of the steps, the material, and the banister, are the design elements of stairs, number of steps, the height of a step or the position of the travel direction of the door or the destination area which should not be ignored at all. 

You can buy a staircase from staircase manufacturers, meaning that technically you will buy a product that’s built-to-order. The elements such as the pitch, depth, height and number of steps must be customized to fit the dimensions of the space that the stairs will occupy. That’s why it is very important to seek staircase manufacturers with the tradition that can offer professional advice in choosing the staircases that suit your needs and preferences.

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