How to create ‘Instagrammable’ creative displays in the home

Each room in the home has its own personality, often created with a clear purpose for you and your family – whether that is for relaxing and unwinding, working, or playing. Displays are a great way to decorate a room while creating a homely and intimate feel depending on how you choose to dress each area. Here, we will discuss how to curate a photo-worthy display for your home.

Choose good lighting

To capture a good photo, natural light is key. By choosing an area close to light, or in front of a window, patio or bifold doors, this will make a naturally bright area in the home a focus point for visitors. Hanging displays are great use of natural lighting and look stunning in front of larger open spaces such as patio doors from Quickslide to make the most of a feature display in the home. Larger windows are also great to maximise upon shelving space, with room for family photos, ornaments, or botanical and floral arrangements.

Create a focal point

Instead of several larger items together, try including one larger feature in your display. Side tables, windows and shelving are great areas in the home to utilise this. Select a larger item you wish to display, such as a sculpture, vase, or photo collage and position one or two smaller items next to it, such as tea lights, to create a relaxing atmosphere. 

Use colour blocking

Depending on personal preference, colour blocking can work well in many homes when it is selective and sparingly used. Whether you prefer the use of subtle nudes, pastels or autumnal tones, colour can work well and compliment the room of the display. If colour is widely used within the home already, monochromatic themes work well for window displays. Try a black or white vase, or candle holder paired with shades of cream and grey to not overpower the space.

Keep it minimal

Often, the use of too many items on display in one area can become cluttered and unimpactful. Less items of high quality will have a greater effect on the mood of your room if places correctly. Consider the mood of the room, particularly for smaller rooms and social areas, by keeping a calm and relaxed theme to make it look classic and effective. Try greenery with some personal touches, such as a photo frame and a few of your favourite books on display.

Make it unique to you 

Each home has its own personality built into it by its occupant, so make sure that your home reflects your needs in the best way. By displaying memories, keepsakes, and items with a personal history, this will reflect throughout your home and remind you of happy memories daily.

Choose mirrored surfaces, neutral and white tones for photo frames and ornamental pieces in smaller spaces, as lighter colours will reflect light, making the space appear brighter and bigger.

By creating displays throughout the home to showcase your favourite items of décor, you can create works of art in each while keeping it homely and personal to you.

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