How to dismantle cheap pallets for your DIY projects

Pallets are useful when it comes to transporting goods such as food or clothing. They are an essential part of the supply chain, with manufacturers and customers being able to track the orders. Pallets provide peace of mind and are efficient when it comes to managing costs. They can also be used creatively, whether you want to use them in an art project or take them apart and build something else. Dismantling them safely is important, and here are a few tips on how to do it.

How are they made?

First, let’s look at how pallets are made. The standard material is wood and the general design as followed: you have three  horizontal boards called stringers, on which thinner pallet boards are attached to form the top and bottom decks. Some stringers have notches in them to allow forklift arms to enter from each side. This rigid design makes them tough to take apart, but there are two methods that can help.

Use a pallet breaker

A pallet breaker is a tool that’s specifically designed to dismantle pallets quickly. The tool can be placed under a board on opposite sides of the stringer and pry up on the board using greater leverage that could be achieved with a bar. Pallet breakers can be found at hardware stores.

Use a pry bar

Using a pry bar in combination with a hammer and saw will allow you to dismantle a pallet with greater control. Start by removing the two stringers, prying them off from one side so that you save time. Place the pallet against a wall and work on the top board, using the bar and hammer. Make sure you have a good stance to maximise your leverage. It’s helpful to get a foot on the bottom board of the pallet to hold it in place.

Patience is the key to the entire process. Don’t force anything as it will crack the pallet and leave it damaged. Beware of rusted nails sticking out of the wood and always dispense with them properly. Keep working on the pallet until the boards seperate from the stringers. When this happens, you can use the hammer to pound the boards out the rest of the way.

You’ll now have a pile of unbroken pallet boards that can be utilised in different DIY projects. Pallets can be collected in bulk by using cheap pallet delivery services. When they are delivered you’ll have a surplus of materials to work with. This means you’ll be able to pick which pallet you want for a specific project, whether it’s crafting a coffee table or shelf.

Using pallets as a creative outlet can be both relaxing and an environmentally conscious act. Through recycling wood, you’re doing your part to help the environment and reducing carbon footprints. Once you’ve dismantled a pallet there is the opportunity for creative freedom. You can improve your DIY skills or create a gift for a love one to cherish.

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