How To Find The Best Aluminium Supplier

There are more than a hundred aluminium suppliers in the UK. But how do you know which supplier is the best? And how can you look for them?

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Aluminium is used in many industries, this is because aluminium is a low toxic metal making it ideal for the construction, architectural and engineering industry. Aluminium has many benefits because it’s a lightweight material, it is non-magnetic, and doesn’t corrode. Additionally, its low temperature makes it a good electrical conductor; this then makes it very popular amongst electrical industries.

If you’re a construction or engineering company or work with aluminium regularly, finding the right supplier is essential to help you and your business grow. If you’re just interested in aluminium, picking the right supplier for your needs is something you should take into consideration when purchasing, especially if you’ll be a regular customer.

Photo by Ricardo Gomez Angel on Unsplash

Picking the Right Supplier

Firstly, picking the right aluminium suppliers may be hard but there are a few rules to follow when looking for the right supplier. First, seeing the company’s reputation. Newer aluminium companies are good, but if you want an aluminium supplier that you can rely on, a business with over 10 – 15 years of experience is the safest bet. Suppliers who have been in the industry a lot longer tend to be more reliable and know which products work well.

Secondly, newer suppliers may overcharge and give an unreasonable price because they are brand-new. A supplier who has been in the industry for many years can give a reasonable price. All aluminium isn’t the same, so when purchasing it’s best to specify which grade of aluminium you want. That’s why finding the right supplier is important before purchasing. Companies which have more experience are more likely to have various types of aluminium materials.

If you’re a supplier warning the person you have a partnership or business relation with, that costs may increase using different materials. This now gives the business owner more time to maybe increase the price of the business to remain a good business relationship.

When looking for an aluminium supplier, some of them may have qualifications and certificates to show they are an extremely skilled company and produce high-level aluminium products. Companies that have qualifications are trusted suppliers. Purchasing aluminium for the first time, a lot of people tend to buy off a supplier with a good reputation because they’ll have multiple reviews talking about how good the quality is.

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Things to look out for

1 – Some companies may try to sell recycled aluminium without any certification of being pure.

2 – When purchasing aluminium or anything online, suppliers must be transparent with you etc, shipping, packaging, tracking number.

This brings us to the next point; professional aluminium suppliers should tell you the correct products they use if you specify the type of strength or quality you desire. A professional supplier will always use high-quality aluminium solutions and correct specifications.

Lastly, finding the right aluminium supplier should include their time of delivery and how the process was for you: the customer. When placing an order for aluminium, the supplier must respect the deadline (date of delivery) and make sure the product is where it needs to be. Professional distributors have an inventory in which they can see when an order is being placed to make sure they stay on top of deliveries and orders.

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 Aluminium Suppliers being Environmentally Responsible

Aluminium is the third most common metal on earth, with nearly 75% of aluminium still being manufactured and in use. This is due to aluminium being the most recycled product on the planet. When using recycled aluminium, it only takes 5% of energy to create new aluminium.

Any aluminium supplies must be 100% recyclable and avoid aluminium suppliers who do not follow these protocols in meeting an all-green building industry.  


Whether you’re a business or returning customer finding the right supplier that will meet all your requirements. Suppliers should be able to tell you if there are any issues with delivery or the product, that may delay what you’re working on.

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