How To Hang Curtains in Rental Apartment In CA?

All of us love the adventure of skirting around a landlord’s rules. But it’s fun as long as it is not affecting your security deposits. 

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If you have ever dealt with a landlord that takes every single word of your rental agreement seriously, you may not even dare to bring the drill into your home. Whether you are currently dealing with such a landlord or just want yourself to be out of the mess, we have got you covered. 

Here are some damage-free ideas to hang your curtains in your rental apartment in CA.  

Install Temporary Command Hooks

Do you have a penchant for decorative finials but live in a rental apartment? You don’t want to miss out on the look of the real curtain but are not allowed to drill holes to install one.  Temporary command hooks can be your best friends. They are pretty effective in attaching everything from picture frames to small shelves to the wall. 

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Command also sells curtain hooks that are made up of metal and work well with a wide variety of curtain designs. You will love the brushed nickel finish and its ease of installation. All you have to do is to hide the large plastic hook by placing them beneath the rod end. 

Read the maximum weight-bearing capacity of these temporary hooks and don’t overburden them. When you move out from your rental apartment, a single tug on the strip’s tab instantly releases the hold.

Get Tension Curtain Rods

If you are living in an apartment with traditional paned windows with frames, get tension curtain rods for amazing looks. It is one of the subtlest and sophisticated ways to hang curtains without inflicting any damages to the walls. For lightweight curtains, use a curtain rod no bigger than 7/16 inches for a delicate style. 

The position of the rod mainly depends on the privacy you need and the curtain style. If you want to enjoy maximum privacy, install the rods at a higher position. Better coverage will also help you to protect your room from sun rays and noise. 

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If you love the country-curtain style, hang it at a lower position. You can mix two-part epoxy or contact cement to make a strong glue that can hold the tension rods at slippery places such as bathrooms.  

Purchase Custom Compression Shades

For those who plan to live in your rented house for several years, consider custom compression shades. Expect to pay a little more than other window treatment solutions but it is worth the money. 

Several companies offer to make custom cut blinds with compression systems. The drill-free installation makes it a perfect choice for anyone aiming for a complete refund of security deposits. They come in different degrees of light filtering enabling everyone to enjoy comfortable indoors.

Simple fit compression systems are better than adhesion strips because they do not mess with the wall paint. The installation takes a push of a button and a few seconds to fix. You won’t need any kinds of tools to finish the installation. This feature is equally useful when you are ready to move into a new apartment.

Hang Curtains with Twist and Fit Curtain Rods

Twist and fit curtain rods are another affordable solution for you to hang curtains in your 2 bed  apartment renting. The idea is almost similar to the tension rods as you don’t need any tools for installation. 

The only difference is that these rods are attached to the window frames instead of the walls. They are adjustable to fit tightly around the window frames. Rubber tips on both ends secure it to the frame and ensure that any tugging does not pull off the curtains. 

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Don’t forget to check the weight-bearing capacities of twist and fit curtain rods before opting for light or medium-weight curtains. They come in different styles and shapes to match your interior décor. Local businesses and apartment owners spend a lot of money on remodeling and renovation after one leaves following this method will help you and others. 

Hang Curtain Rods from The Ceiling

If the crumbly and dry plaster on your house walls is what’s preventing you from purchasing command hooks, here is another possibility. You can suspend curtain rods from the ceiling. It looks natural and awe-inspiring with high-set windows.

You will need a ladder to get to the top but the setup is worth the hassle. Get a sturdy hook with a sticker on its flat base. Avoid the soft rubber designs. Adhere them onto the ceiling and hang the curtains. You have to be cautious not to pull heavily on the curtains or you may end up damaging the paint.

The next time you move into a house for rent, don’t let the no-drill condition limit your window treatment options.  

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