How to Incorporate Traditional Elements in Modern Interior Design?

If you are redoing your home and want to make it appear ‘different’ from others, it’s high time you start thinking in an unconventional manner. You need to come up with some quirky ideas that will help you make your house appear distinct.

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Most of the time, people either opt for a traditional outlook of the house or a conventional one. Their house is either super-modern or is filled with regal and classic items. To make your living space unlike other houses you have seen recently, you need to opt for a mix and match strategy!

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Simply combine the traditionality of your personality with the unconventional ways of decorating the house. Of course, this means you need to incorporate some traditional elements into the modern interior design, and you would be good to go.

Thinking of how you can actually achieve this goal? Well, you simply need to follow the following tips, and it will make your house traditionally modern.

  1. Mix Traditional Pieces Of Furniture With Modern Decorative Items

This is one of the finest ideas to use while decorating your house. Combining some traditional pieces of furniture items with state-of-the-art decorative pieces makes your entire space appear quirky.

What you can do, in this regard, is get your hands on a traditional sofa set and add a modern rug to the living room. The furniture items can be custom-made if you don’t own some generational items already. Alongside this, you need to hang some modern art pieces and paintings across the rooms. 

Or, you can go the other way round! For that, you would have to opt for a retro area rug and add some really fun-looking, modern furniture items to the area. 

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  1. Neutral Colors With Lots Of Texture

You can add the traditional touch to a contemporary house simply by using a neutral color palette while adding texture in various manners. Neutral colors make the house appear contemporary, while the texture is what adds traditionality to the house.

On the walls, go for either grays or whites. They give a charm of sophistication to the house. Finally, if you have some old furniture items lying in the garage, simply take them out and go for an upholstery project. 

While choosing the rugs, go for the pieces that have a lot of texture in them. Geometric prints or the abstract appearance of the rugs will add a contemporary touch to your living space. 

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  1. Add Modern Lightings And Heavy Furniture Items

One of the simplest ways to connect traditional vibes with the contemporary style in the house is by bringing a mix of heavy, thick furniture items with modern lights. Contemporary lights are a great add-on to the house that makes it appear extremely gorgeous and fine.

The retro furniture items are all about thickness and mass. They are huge, massive, and extremely functional. A bouncy sofa with rich upholstery oozes the charm of traditionalism. A contemporary pendant light right above it will make the whole space appear a mix and match of the retro style and modernism. 

Another feature of traditional pieces of furniture is that they offer a lot of storage space. With them lying around the house, you won’t have to worry about stuffing your items in the closet. Hence, old-fashioned furniture items surely solve the contemporary issue of space quite easily.

  1. Have Traditional Wallpapers Across The House

Wallpaper is a modern idea that has helped people redo their houses and make them appear charming. In order to add an element of traditionalism to your house, simply choose wallpapers that have retro designs and have a lot of texture in them.

The pattern of your chosen wallpaper should showcase a conventional design. While decorating the room that has a customary wallpaper on the wall, choose peppy art pieces. This way, you would be able to connect modernism with old-fashioned charm.

Furthermore, making a connection between the pattern of the wallpaper and the design on the rug is a great idea! It will help you enhance the classic vibes that this living space offers while adding elegance to it. 

When it comes to traditional rugs, their floral prints are quite visible. Alongside this, their theme is, most of the time, a mix of reds and pinks. 

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Be Creative

Incorporating traditional elements into modern interior design is a great idea! It’s a fun project, and once you complete it, you will be able to see how elegant and sophisticated it makes your entire house appear. Mostly, contemporary designs are more inclined towards adding some functionality to the house rather than making it appear aesthetically pleasant. 

Nonetheless, a mix of coziness offered by the conventional style and elegance provided by the contemporary ideas is a great way to make your house a home! 

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