How To Make Your New House A Home

Moving home? Are you furnishing from scratch, or are you bringing it all in from your old abode? Furnishing a new home can seem an intimidating challenge for even the most confident among us.

Start by planning ahead of your move. What will you actually need to buy? Will your old furniture fit into your new space? How do you want your new space to make you feel?

Here is what to think about when furnishing your new home.

  1. What’s the purpose of your living room, really?

Think about how you use your living room. Is it for lounging in front of the TV, is it your makeshift office, is it party central? A bit of everything? You can easily create a stylish multi-purpose living space through careful planning of your living room furniture.

Space too open? Create a natural border in a large room with a desk and office chair, or a bigL-shaped sofa with an end table. Corner sofas are excellent natural space dividers. 

Keep toys and other kiddie stuff in stylish, multipurpose pieces such as storage ottomans. Or create a living room that doubles as a spare bedroom with a plush sleeper sofa. 

2. Small and/or awkward space? No problem!

This is the time to start looking at modular furniture.  Modular sets are contemporary, attractive, and above all, versatile. Just configure pieces depending on your space and needs. Turn a corner sofa into an armchair, or split an armchair into a set of footrests!

Think about creating a “focal point” – this is vital for creating a balanced, harmonious feel in a small space. Focal points range from dramatic artwork to feature mirrors and unique coffee tables. It should draw the attention of your guests as soon as they enter the room.

Space-saving furnishings such as tables and stools that fold flat against the wall also work wonders to streamline your space. Wave goodbye to clutter with floating shelves, or footstools that double as storage.

Planning ahead is essential here.Try and spend some time in the space when it is empty  to really get a sense of how your furniture needs to work. Free room planners can be exceptionally helpful here.

3. Make it feel welcoming

Create a warm, inviting atmosphere by setting up a “conversation area” when entertaining guests. Ensure they can kick back and relax! Scatter squashy cushions everywhere, make sure there are footstools available, perhaps even bring in a beanbag.  Large coffee tables act as a natural social “anchor” for the space.

And don’t forget colour! Colour can have an incredible effect on mood. Blue and green invoke serenity, so decorate bedrooms or snugs in shades of the sea. Red is energising and exciting – use in moderation! Yellow is so bright and welcoming, so use it in the heart of the home, the kitchen. And don’t skimp on house plants – by bringing the outdoors in, you’re creating a space with real vibrancy and sense of rejuvenation.

Last but not least, inject some character! Decide which personal touches would make your space truly “you”. Unique, striking artwork, area rugs, tableware, cushions and other accessories all play a key part in truly making your new house feel like  a home. 

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