How to Make Your Own Drawstring Bags with Liner by Sewing Machine

A drawstring bag can have many functions. These types of bags are very useful because they help users with their carrying needs. You can carry things of all sizes and types without carrying those items in your hands. It gives you freedom. Best of all, you craft a drawstring bag in all shapes and sizes. You can carry a drawstring bag according to your needs. They’re available to anyone but can be used supportively by anyone 5 years of age or older. Surprisingly, you can make your own drawstring bag with liner as a DIY project by using a sewing machine.


How to Construct a Drawstring Bag with Liner

What You’ll Need to Make Custom Drawstring Bags

– 2 pieces of fabric (this will be the drawstring)

– 2 pieces of fabric (what the fabric goes through)

– 1 piece of fabric (this will be the fabric used for

drawstring backpacks)

– 1-piece lining fabric

Scissors, sewing machine (coordinating thread), iron, rotary cutter, ruler, and safety pins

How to Make Drawstring Backpacks

Start making your drawstrings first. Flip your drawstrings inside out, use your safety pins, and iron flat. Sew as close to the edge as possible (skip this step, if you’re using drawstring). Finally, tie each end in a knot.

Now, pin together the largest pieces of fabric (right sides facing each other). Leave at least 1/4 space for the seam and sew along each side, do not sew each side (this will be done shortly to form your bag). Press open the seams with an iron. Place the lining on the outside pieces, hold the 1/4 piece down and iron (repeat for the other long side). Then fold the top again 1/4 inches to give your custom drawstring bags a polished look (to avoid rough edges).

Fold over these short edges, 1.25 inches, and press with the iron (this is where the drawstring will go).

You’re almost done, fold the bag in half (the right side should be facing in), and from the bottom working your way to the top, stitch along each side (allow enough space for the drawstring). Attach the drawstring to a pencil, putting it through the drawstring opening. You can use one or two strings. After inserting them, you can tie them or leave the drawstrings open, if you’re using two strings. Cut the excess drawstring to your liking.

You now have a handcrafted drawstring bag (cinch bag).


What Are the Uses of a Cinch Bag

– pack toiletries for a trip

– sort out the clutter in your home (add labels)

– for the kid’s accessories on trips

– Great gift ideas

– Instead of gift wrapping

– groceries

– to pack lunch

– and much more…

These types of bags are reusable and very flexible for all your needs. Plus, you can easily wash and dry them between uses. Learn more about the benefits of DIY drawstring bags online today.


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