How to Prepare Your House for Cleaning

Hiring a professional cleaning service to clean your home and make everything seem spotless is definitely a great thing.

It will save you both time and effort, and in turn allow your relax completely knowing that professionals are taking care of everything for you.

However, before you start browsing though Cleanify and looking for cleaning services in your area, you need to learn how to prepare your home and yourself for a proper cleaning.

Leave the Proper Information

When you’re using a cleaning service, you always need to schedule their visits in advance. Remember to leave your contact information so the company can confirm each visit, or possibly inform you if they ran into some trouble and had to reschedule.

Be Present during the Cleaning

If you’re using a company’s services for the first time, you should “keep them company” during the first visit. This will allow you to check their capabilities, see if they’ve missed anything and even give them valuable feedback for future visits.

De-Clutter a Little before They Come

In reality, these companies usually focus on the cleaning part, and you don’t want to make their job any more difficult than it already is. Therefore, take some time to put away any personal belongings and de-clutter some of the rooms in your house before they arrive. By doing this, you’ll surely get the best possible results from your cleaning company.

Tell Them What You Expect

If you have any specific instructions or wishes, you need to phone the service ahead of time and notify them. The service will notify the cleaning crew about your instructions on the day of the service. And If you start explaining what you want once the crew arrives, you’ll only end up wasting their valuable time and leaving a bad impression.

Keep the Same Team Coming

If you’re completely satisfied with their job, you will probably want the same cleaning team to work for you again. And now, you’re probably wondering is it possible to have the same crew come and visit your every time? It actually is, but it varies from company to company. So you should call the cleaning service and check with them if they offer it. If you have a flexible schedule, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Last But Not Least: How to save some money

Who doesn’t like to save some money? Some companies out there will clean the house using the cleaning supplies you’ve provided to them and will naturally charge less. Of course, you still have to check with the company if they will do this, because some companies only work with their own supplies.

Lastly, if you feel like the company you’ve hired didn’t do a great job, you shouldn’t give up on hiring cleaning services completely. Instead, go back online, look up a few more companies and read some online reviews to see whether or not their customers are satisfied with their work.

With a little bit of work, you’ll manage to find just the right service for your needs.

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