How to Recycle an Old Chair

Inventive Spanish artist and designer Tess Hill show us a very good sample on how to recycle old furniture items and create really original and practical pieces with other functionalities. She took an everyday item such as a wooden chair and creatively transform it into a unique one with totally different utility and meaning. Looking to the newly created object, entitiled suggestively “Half = One”, you’re pleasantly surprised by the intriguing appearance of a a handy shelf and clothes hanger at the same time, without even thinking that it once served as chair.

The interesting and beautiful thing is the fact that the designer didn’t alter at all the chair’s shape, she only changed its primary function: she simply made a transverse cut in half, literally turned it upside down and attached to the wall, so that “Half = One” can be used both as a hanger and shelf. You can hang hats, scarfs, and put books or magazines, but also towels and cosmetics if you choose to have it in the bathroom. Very creative project indeed that certainly inspire us and make us think what other functionalities we can give to our old objects from our home and not to throw them away.

Photos © Tess Hill

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