How to Remove Graffiti

There is hardly anything more annoying or harder to remove than graffiti markings.  Graffiti defaces property and lowers property value; as well as makes the neighborhood look awful.  It is important that you remove the graffiti from concrete, bricks, and sidewalks as quickly as possible to restore it to its natural state.  

When graffiti is freshly painted it is much simpler to remove than if it has had a chance to sit and dry for a period of time. The reason spray paint is harder to get off of concrete surfaces is because the chemicals in the spray paint evaporates and adheres to the concrete, brick or stone.  The longer you allow the paint to sit and adhere to the surface, the more difficult it is going to be to get rid of it.

However, there are some do-it-yourself methods that you can use to get rid of the graffiti that has been sprayed along the sides of a concrete building, home, sidewalk, brick wall, or sidewalks.  You can start with the easiest technique first, and if that does not work there are other techniques to try. Eventually, you will find the perfect solution to remove all that unwanted graffiti from your concrete or brick services.  

Coca-Cola and Pumice

Coca-Cola’s high acidity means that can remove most unwanted residue, and combined with pumice this should work well for graffiti as well.

Continue this process until all the graffiti has been removed.  This method is best used when the graffiti paint has been freshly painted and the paint is still a little wet.  

If the Coca-Cola and Pumice does not remove the graffiti, there are other options to try.

Dishwasher detergent for graffiti removal

For this method you will need a pair of rubber gloves (like what you would use for washing dishes), safety glasses, and make sure you are wearing old, work clothes.  

If these do-it-yourself techniques are unsuccessful at removing that unwanted graffiti; you will have to call a professional graffiti removing company in your area and let the expert graffiti removers get the job done. 

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