How To Save On Your Next Bathroom Remodel

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When you are planning to remodel your bathroom, you have several options at your disposal. These are some of the most valuable rooms in your home. A bathroom can be turned into an oasis that you will enjoy every day, or you can remodel your guest bathrooms to make them clean and impressive almost like those found in hotel rooms. Use the tips listed below so that you can save money on your remodel and get the results you want.

Do Not Change The Plumbing Too Much

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A bath remodel should be managed within your given budget. You have set aside a certain amount of money to remodel the bathroom, but you may run into problems when paying labor charges for a plumber. While you have great ideas for the bathroom, you should avoid changes to the plumbing as much as possible.

You may have plans to move the tub, shower, or toilet. These changes might require the plumber to tear out the flooring and change everything. Make less severe changes that are affordable and make the bathroom look great. For example, you can easily add a second shower head to your shower because water pipes are already near the shower. You can move the toilet about a foot to either side, and you can install a tub close to the water pipes for the sink.

Avoid All The Extra Tiles

You might have envisioned a bathroom with tiles on the floors, walls, in the shower, and around the tub. While some tiling looks great, the cost of installation will skyrocket as you ask the contractor to add tiles to every inch of the room.

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Reserve your tiling for the interior of the shower and the walls or floors. You must make tough decisions so that the bathroom remodel does not go over your established budget.

Change Your Lighting Fixtures

You do not need to move your lighting fixtures during the remodeling project. You may have plenty of light in the room, but you should replace the fixtures. Replacing the fixtures saves time and money. If you must add a light, ask your contractor where they would place that fixture. You do not want to pay an electrician too much money to add several outlets or lightboxes to the room.

You can also add a ceiling fan where a light once hung from the ceiling.

Adding Sinks Is Easy

When you add sinks to the bathroom, you likely have a water pipe that feeds your original sink. You can add storage to the room by installing a cabinet unit that covers the sinks, and you will never see the added pipes for a second or third sink.

Change Your Cabinet Doors

If you do not want to remove your current cabinetry, you can replace the doors on the cabinets with any color or style you want. You can easily stain the exterior of the cabinets to match the new door, and you can change the hardware in the room without any trouble.

Vinyl Flooring Looks Great

You can easily add vinyl flooring to your bathroom. These floors come in a wide variety of colors and styles, and it is easy for you to install tiles in several sizes. Vinyl floors are very easy to clean, and they do not require the intensive grout work that you must do for tiles.

You can even put a special cover on the threshold of the door to ensure that your guests do not trip as they walk from the hall or bedroom to the bathroom.

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Paint The Walls

You can tear down the old wallpaper and paint the walls any color you like. It is easy for you to paint the walls when you have chosen your preferred color. You can add primer to the walls in multiple coats, and a topcoat will give you the color you desire. You can even have a mural painted or add a pattern. Painting is cheaper and simpler than tiling or wallpaper.

Repair The Windows

You can ask your contractor to repair the windows as they complete the bath remodel. There is no need to replace the windows because they are not used all that often. You can hang lovely curtains over the windows, and the windows will look beautiful throughout the year.

You Can Remodel Your Bathroom Today With No Trouble

You can remodel your bathroom today with no trouble when using professional services, if you are looking for kitchen logos you can visit Designhill.

You will save money on the remodel, and you can stay within your chosen budget. Ask your contractor to consider all the tips listed above. They can adjust their estimate to meet your needs, and you can transform every bathroom in the house into something special. You can theme your bathrooms, try the white hotel look, or continue the color scheme used in the hallway or bedroom without overspending.

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