How to Set Up Creative Space for Kids

Whether you’re remodeling an old kids room or just making an entirely new one, it’s always good to make a sort of a plan of what you want to do. Even though it is a child’s room, mixing up every color and style on this planet is not really the best idea. Of course you should include your kid in the decision making process, but use your parental skills to guide them and steer away from some potentially overwhelming combinations.

Inspire Your Child

You as a parent are an inspiration to your child. Whatever you do, they will in one way or another try to mimic and repeat, so make sure you give them a good example. As far as room ideas go, try setting up a little corner for crafts like painting, drawing, sewing, etc. It’s good to get your child accustomed from an early age to thinking in a creative and innovative way- it will pay off in the future and it will spark processes that they won’t get out of watching TV or playing video games.

A Shelf for Bookworms

It’s always fun to make an installation out of things your kids love. If you do it with books, you will not only inspire them to read more often, but you will make it easier for them to find what they are looking for. Moreover, as kids books are usually colorful you can arrange them so as to fit the style and color scheme of the room. As for the shelves, you can really get the most basic ones from your local supplier or take on a fun and relatively easy DIY project of making them yourself. Try using a light color for the shelves a pastel or even white to make an appearance of a bigger space.

Standing in a New World

When it comes to decorating the floor you can always come up with more solutions- the decision comes to which one is the best for your kid. Whether you’re gonna choose carpentry or a wooden floor with a rug on it, it depends on your preferences. It is important however that you have in mind that this is your kids room and the rug in your kids room, as everything else, should reflect their personality and style. So depending on the rest of the room, you can either tone it down or pump it up, bar make sure that it fits in.

A Wall of Art

You know how most kids always feel so crafty in the most inappropriate places like walls and floors? How many times have you told your kid not to draw on the walls and how many times have you had to clean it up? What if that were a thing of the past? All you need is a few cans of chalkboard paint and your problem is solved. Try painting an entire wall and making it a huge space where your child can express it’s creativity freely. They will love you for it, and it will be a hell of a smaller mess. If you’re worrying about the room looking a bit too dark with a huge dark wall, don’t! Instead just choose a wall that is exposed to sunlight and make sure the rest of the room is done in a light color scheme and you won’t have a problem.

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